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Providing Social Media Content Management for Health, Wellness and Fitness Coaches who have more work than time and are completely overwhelmed with everything they need to do on social media.
Dear Fitness, Health and Wellness Coaches-

This is the time of year when you’re looking at what’s been going on in your business and looking at ways to increase your reach, increase the amount of people you connect with and therefore increase your results.
Social media content management can be done in an effective way…mirroring the message that you already have in the marketplace.
We’ll help you take it to the next level
Are you having trouble connecting with your ideal client?
You jumped on the social media bandwagon because that’s what you heard you should do. You may even have even heard a rumor that you can make big, fast money online…so you jumped in with both feet only to find yourself frantically swimming but still drowning.

Do you need help managing your social media profiles?
You could spend all day chatting on Facebook, responding to questions, going between your personal page and your like page and let’s not forget all the groups you belong to, the invitations to play Farmville and the other non-income producing activities. Let’s not even get started on twitter! Not sure what a #hashtag is or how to properly use it? 

You don’t and that’s why we’re here.

You’ve probably paid good money constantly trying to better understand how to use new platforms like Facebook, Twitter and other “social” networks only to end up more confused and frustrated. Not sure how to talk about your products or services without feeling like you’re intruding on people.

Then there’s the task of running your business… creating products, coaching clients and hosting events. It’s enough to make you want to scream. Who has time to keep up with all the pieces of running a successful business through social media? 


You don’t and that’s why we’re here.


Your prospective clients will silently stalk you out on sites like Facebook and Twitter long before they ever contact you that’s why it’s important to consistently build relationships. Your clients are looking for you. When they find you, what’s their first impression?

Don’t worry if you don’t know what to say. We do!
What’s one tweet worth to you? One Facebook update? To reach hundreds if not thousands of consumers in your niche. Use our social media management services to identify, grow, connect, inform and serve your customer base. I think you’ll agree that it’s worth your time. Go ahead and put our services to the test, we’d like to hear from you.

A Real Change Certified

Work with a certified Social Media Content Manager who knows HOW to market to and connect with your ideal clients


Let‘s face it…you’re busy enough and don’t need one more thing on your “To Do” list
Don’t wait another day!

Select your package and let’s do this together

Professional Package- $597/month*

  • 5 status updates/day across 2 social media platforms 7 days per week
  • Clean up Direct messages
  • Block spam messages
  • Monthly monitoring report

Business Package- $797/month*

  • 5 status updates/day across 2 social media platforms 7 days per week
  • Create 4 images per month using your favorite quotes
  • Client care up to 2x daily (M-F)
  • Clean up direct messages
  • Block spam messages
  • Keyword research &#hashtags, up to 10 per month
  • Reputation management
  • Monthly monitoring report


Executive Package- $1497/month*

  • 8 status updates/day across 3 social media platforms 7 days per week
  • Create 8 images per month with your favorite quotes
  • Client care up to 2x daily (M-F)
  • Manage all direct messages
  • Save and backup all status updates
  • Block spam messages
  • Keyword research &#hashtags, up to 20 per month
  • Reputation management
  • Monthly monitoring report

*All the above packages include a:
  • 30 minute strategy session via Skype ($97 value)
  • 30 minute monthly video analytics review ($297 value)
  • 45 minute quarterly strategy assessment ($197 value)

That’s OVER $500 in value to enhance your investment!

 *All packages have a 3 month minimum.


Social Media Engagement Services


Image Quotes
Images on social media get more more people clicking, commenting and sharing over plain text updates. Take advantage of this trend by sharing your own images. You supply your favorite quotes and we’ll create a package of 25 unique images that you can use on:
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram


Use Instagram to build your business, brand, or to promote your services. It’s fun to use and your clients and potential clients want to see you. We will:
  • Set up your account
  • Add your image and bio
  • Connect to your Facebook page
  • Connect to your Twitter
  • Add Instagram to your WordPress site
  • Suggest 5 hashtags to add to your images to gain ideal followers
*You must have an android or iphone to access your account after set-up is complete



Social Media Client Care Weekend Package

  • Create Client Care page on Facebook
  • Monitor Facebook and Twitter
  • 2 hrs. per week (1 hr. per day Sat & Sun)
  • Reporting of client care issues 1x daily
  • Monthly report



Social Media Client Care Standard Package

  • Create Client Care page on Facebook
  • Monitor Facebook and Twitter
  • 5 hrs. per week (1 hr. per day M-F)
  • Reporting of client care issues 2x daily
  • Monthly report




Facebook Timeline Makeover

Whether you need a timeline created or your current one needs a little makeover, we’ve got you covered and will set you up with something befitting your style and image. A custom cover, a complete “About” section, contact information, products for sales, along with up to 8 of the top apps with images to create engagement between you and your audience as well as maximize your online real estate.




Hashtag & Keyword Research
This is a great service to use ever couple of months to stay on top of the words and phrases people are using to find what you have to offer. It’s also great for spying on your competition. You’ll get:
  • A re-write of up to 20 blog posts with your keywords
  • Up to 25 keywords and hashtags
  • Monthly monitoring report



*If you need to outsource the writing of your auto responders, we’d be happy to assist you with that as well…for an additional fee.





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I would like to tie everything together. I am not computer literate and need your help. I got your information from Charline Bucher. I have hoot suite. High rise. Thank you. Lori Jones


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