4 Ways To Market Your Direct Sales Business Every Day

by golda on June 27, 2011

4 Ways To Market Your Direct Sales Business Every Day
By Golda Smith


Now that school is over and the kids are home I can say that summer has officially begun. What does that mean for you? Does it mean sleeping in longer? Finding new activities to keep the kids busy? Placing your direct sales business on the shelf (totally insane)? If you’re smart, it may mean that you are looking for some ways to market and promote your business during this short hot summer. I have a few suggestions that may work for you if you are open to it.




If these suggestions are nothing new to you and you’re not doing them, perhaps you need to ask yourself why. If they are new to you then I’m happy to help out a fellow entrepreneur. Here we go…
Take pride in how you look
A couple a weeks ago, I came home after dropping the kids off at school and my sister said to me “you must be the best dressed mom in the morning”. I looked at my attire and replied “I don’t know; all I know is that I like to look good”. I wasn’t dressed up in my Sunday suit but I’ll tell you what I wasn’t wearing! I wasn’t wearing were clothes that didn’t fit nor had stains. How many times have you just thrown on something just to go run an errand, not at all thinking of how you look? Remember this, when you leave your home, you are a reflection of whatever it is that you represent. I’m not saying that you have to have a face full of makeup on but I am saying that you should be clean, look and smell fresh, comb your hair, basically, look like you care about yourself.
What does that button say?
Sometimes in the morning, I would take the bus to take the kids to school. On those mornings, there’s a couple that sit in the same seat right at the front of the bus. Great looking couple and I can tell from looking at them that they are involved in the direct sales industry. How do I know this? I know because they are walking billboards for their company. They’re carrying a bag with the company name. The wife is carrying a coffee mug with the company name and she is wearing a button that say’s “Want to lose weight? Ask me how”. Now mind you, I’ve taken this bus at least 10 times over the last two months and never once have they said hello (I wonder why) but if I were interested in losing weight or the company, I knew exactly where I could look.
Smiling is universal. Let me explain. You’d be surprised how effectively you can communicate with someone who doesn’t even speak your language when you smile. A smile says that you are open. It says that you are friendly and easy to talk to (even if you’re not). Try it sometime, I dare you. Make it a goal this week to just smile at a total stranger until they either smile back, say hello or get so uncomfortable that they just walk away. I love doing that. A smile makes it easy to open up the conversation. Once you exchange greetings, you have then opened the way to start F.O.R.M.ing that person and building a relationship.
Let your car sell
If you have a car, my goodness you have a mobile billboard for your business. It cost so little to purchase a car magnet and place it on either side of your car or to have your message placed on your back window. I’ve seen a number of cars and vans take advantage of this. I suggest making sure that you’re always promoting you and not your company. Second, make sure that your letters are big and in white so that it’s easy for people walking or driving by to see it. Next, make sure that you have a way for people to contact you, either a website, google voice number, or some contact method.
These are just a few things that you can do to market your direct sales business. You may be saying to yourself “I don’t like wearing buttons”. Okay don’t, but your competition will. “Golda, I don’t want to have a magnet on my car, what will my neighbors think”. I don’t know, all I know is your competition will. “I don’t like the way my teeth look when I smile, so I don’t”. I don’t care if you have one tooth, or a mouth full of dentures…SMILE.
What an opportunity you have to expand your territory each and every day that you are blessed to see the sun rise. Don’t blow it by making excuses. These are simple techniques that you can begin doing right now and any time of year for that matter. To your success!



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