5 Laws for Social Media Success

by golda on July 26, 2012

5 Laws for Social Media Success

By Golda Smith


We’ve come a long way from Web 2.0 haven’t we? Myspace was overshadowed by Facebook and now we have Pinterest, one the fastest growing social sites. Let’s not forget the apps that are being rolled out on what seems to be a daily basis. Yet with all the changes, some things stay the same.
I still see business owners who don’t understand HOW to harness the power of social media or WHY they should have an online presence. I’ve also heard others complain that one of their sticking points with regards to social media is building relationships. I’d like to share some laws that I think you need to understand in order to successfully connect with people, build relationships and grow your profits through social media.

5 Social Media Laws for Success

The Law of Visibility– Bill Gates was once quoted as saying “if you have a business and you aren’t online, then you don’t have a business”. Do you know how many business owners I’ve met who don’t have a Facebook page? That seems crazy in 2012. It’s almost like saying you don’t have a cell phone. Even my mom has a cell phone. Granted she doesn’t know how to check her voice mail…but she had one. Whether you like it or not, your target market is online AND they expect you to be as well.          
The Law of Connection– Doesn’t matter if we’re talking about Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, you can’t set your platform up and forget about it. It won’t grow itself. Like a garden, it needs a lot of tender loving care. The biggest thing to remember is that it’s NOT about you; it’s about your audience and their needs. What’s concerns them and how you help them solve it? Here’s another tip, stop trying to be so polished…unless you actually are. People are sick and tired of the glossed over personalities. They want to communicate with real people. Share some aspects of your personal life. For example, what you’re having for dinner or photos from your family vacation.
“You will love brands when they love you first” –Gay Vaynerchuk

The Law of Value– While it’s important to know who your competitors are, don’t get caught up constantly watching what they’re doing. Your focus should be on giving massive value to your audience. Give them a reason or three to keep coming back to you. We live in a society where everyone is trying to get your attention. What causes you to become loyal to a brand? That should give you an indication of what you should be doing on social media. Become the “go to source” in your niche. Give value in everything that you do, in your videos, in your articles, in your blog posts. G.I.V.E., gain influence very easily! Become unforgettable…in a good way.  
“With social media, we are living through a massive disruption right now” -Gary Vaynerchuk

Law of Consistency– This is where a lot of businesses drop the ball and mess up. While they may have initially been three or four times a day, eventually they got busy with other aspects of their business and three or four posts per day turned into three or four per week or worse, per month. You’ve got to post even when you don’t feel like it. Re-purpose content but keep it fresh. Use your life management tools to remind you to when to post but don’t make excuses. If it’s really over whelming for you then perhaps you’ll want to outsource that task to you Social Media Manager.  
Law of Growth– Social media is a pull market, at least it was. Now we have pull marketing going on but whether pulling or pushing please remember that the key to grow is building relationships. Relationships take time, so don’t force it. Something else to assist with your social media growth is to understand what makes you unique. What’s your niche and how do you stand out from others in it?
“Everyone in social media marketing today is like a 19 year old dude: they try to close too fast” –Gary Vaynerchuk

These laws build upon each other so don’t think that you can pick and choose which ones you will incorporate into your success plan. Remember, there are no short cuts towards success. Can you think of others laws that would help with your social media presence? Come over to Facebook and let us know. We can’t wait to see what you have to say.


Loving Yourself Through Business By Unplugging and Building RelationshipsGolda Smith is a single mom who is building her "Business From The Kitchen Table" working with entrepreneurs to support them in the tasks that hold their businesses together. Are you on Twitter? Get your checklist, now. Don't tweet without this!





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