5 Obstacles You Need To Overcome To Have Success In Your Network Marketing Business

by golda on April 19, 2010

The great Jim Rohn said “success is something you attract by the person you become.” There are many examples of building and growing a successful and profitable network marketing business. All you have to do is study what the leaders have done and do exactly as they have done.

There is so much training available to us all that it is virtually impossible not to achieve success in your network marketing business. However, no matter how much training you receive, if you don’t overcome these five basic obstacles, then you will be frustrated, broke and convinced that this industry does not work.

Lack of Cash Flow
This is by far the biggest problem faced by most network marketers. Most of us get into business to create cash flow; however, end up having monthly expenses that are greater than our incomes. You see, to create cash flow, you have to promote but in order to promote, you need cash. A true catch twenty-two.

Lack of Leads
If you are being trained by the old guard which strictly believes in getting leads from the warm market, then after a while, you realize that the leads have dried up. You’ve spoken to all of your immediate family members and have scared off some of your friends. Now you have to generate a new set of leads because without leads you don’t have any chance of success.

Ineffective Systems
A system allows you to do the same thing in the same order over and over again. The benefit is you have a stream lined business and it should also save time. The problem for many network marketers is that they simply have ineffective systems. They don’t have a systematic way to generate leads, or a way to process those leads when they do come in.

Attrition is the death of residual income. Attrition means erosion or thinning. As it relates to your network marketing business, attrition means that there is no duplication in your team which means that you are not growing your business. If you are not growing your business, then you are not increasing your cash flow. Or if you are, then it is based solely on your own effort, which will cause you to eventually burn out.

Ruthless Competition
Don’t get me wrong, completion is good for business. However, when your competitors behave in a manner that is unethical or cutthroat it can leave a bad taste on the pallet of your future prospects. Think about it for a moment. How many times have you spoken to someone who when you attempted to share your opportunity with them did not even want to listen to you simply because they had a bad experience with someone else? Always present yourself truthfully and ethically.

I promise that once you learn how to overcome these five obstacles, you will start to see a positive change in your business. You will start to recruit more, have duplication, and growth in your business and more importantly in your bank account.



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