WAHMs- Here’s 6 Steps To Earning A Seven Figure Income

by golda on May 3, 2010

That’s what I said, a seven figure income! If that knuckle head can do it then so can you. The question is whether or not you are willing to do what it takes in order to receive the rewards? Top earners have some of the same qualities in common. When it comes earning a seven figure income these are the six steps:

Motivation comes from within. I don’t care how excited you get from hearing a rousing speech or the high that you get from a jam packed conference with the top earners telling you that you can do it. At the end of the day, you have to get up, open your mouth and share your opportunity with people. You have to pick up the phone and set appointments. You have to personally invite people to your meetings. You have to do the work.

Some of you actually believe that successful people have what they do because they are so talented, maybe even lucky. Jeffery Combs, a seven figure earner himself, will tell you that having heart beats talent any day of the week, and I must agree. Have you ever seen someone who is just a ball of ignorance on fire? By that I mean someone who may not know what they’re doing but they keep at it no matter what and are so happy to be doing it that they just attract people to them? That’s a person with heart.

How do you know if you’re getting ahead? Your results, that’s how. What are you producing? What do you have to show for all the calls you make? What are you conversion ratios? You better know that the seven figure earners know their numbers, all of them.

This is very important because in the business of network marketing it is very easy to become a “me to” marketer. Doing what everyone else is doing, saying what everyone else is saying. You have to differentiate yourself from the crowd. Top producers know how to brand and market themselves and have effectively done so. They have a niche and they own it. They know how to take the same content and spin it so that it becomes their own. What’s your niche? What’s your brand?
Personal Development. How much time do you spend each and every day on personal development? Five minutes? 15 minutes? 60 minutes? Leaders know that they can always improve, that they always have something new to learn. It is definitely something that needs to be scheduled in your planner, just like anything else that’s important to you.

How exactly does one become a leader? Simple question, simple answer…it’s a decision. It’s a decision that only you can make. Each and every one of us is a leader, but you must first recognize that you are a leader. No one can make you into something you already are. Once you make that decision, you have to do those things that leaders do. Leaders don’t complain, they get the job done. They don’t point fingers and blame others for their failures, they accept responsibility. Leaders do those things that they expect everyone else to do. They lead by example and earn the respect of others.

Still want to earn a seven figure income? Are you prepared to do the work? If so then I will see you at the top.



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1 Charlene May 5, 2010 at 4:25 am

This is AWESOME content girl!!! Productivity really stuck out to me. It opened my eyes that I have to become more conscious of my results & evaluate them at the end of the day…like rinse & repeat. Thanks for this reminder!


2 Golda Smith July 2, 2010 at 5:12 pm

I LOVE seeing you on my blog! You are awesome and I can't wait to work with you. Thank you for your comments.


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