WAHM’s Here Are Your 7 Laws of Attraction Marketing to Grow Your Network Marketing Biz

by golda on May 17, 2010

If you want to have success in your home based business and since you are reading this article, I know that you do, you have to understand exactly what’s going on. You see my friend, it really does not matter what your product is. What is important is that you know how to become attractive to your leads. Once you become a master at attraction marketing then you will be able to put your business on steroids. This article will outline the seven laws of attraction marketing; here they are in no particular order:

Market YOU, Inc.
I know that you are excited that you just started your network marketing business but if you are marketing your company then you have already started off on the wrong foot. People don’t buy products or websites, they buy people. They buy because they like you. How will you market yourself so that you stand out from all of the other people who are selling the same or similar products?

Know Your Target Market
Have you seriously stopped and asked yourself who your target market is? As network marketers we are often told to speak to everyone we know. Let me tell you what is wrong with this strategy. Most of the people in your warm market don’t care. If you are in network marketing, your target market is other network marketers and I will say that you can still filter that down to a subgroup within network marketers. For example, I write a lot of my articles for work at home mothers or working mothers who want to work from home. Think about exactly who you want to target, teachers, realtors, doctors to name a few and then get busy.

Study Your Craft
A professional knows that they don’t know everything and will never know everything. However, they are always reading the next book and or attending the next live event. You must always be studying your craft, whatever it is. How many books, CD’s, or DVD’s do you have in your library that deals with network marketing? You want to be a seven figure income earner? How many do you associate with? Let me give you a little hint, you can find many of them at your local library.

Position Yourself as an Expert
I don’t care if you just started in your business two minutes ago, you can still apply this. It starts with a decision. If you say that you are an expert, then you are and now you need to do those things that leaders do. They provide value and lots of it. You have access to tons of information, it’s up to you to take that information and repackage it in your own authentic voice and then share it with your target market.

Spend Your Time Marketing and Prospecting
In network marketing you will get paid to do two things, retail and recruit. Prospect while you are out doing your day to day tasks. Design your marketing plan and then execute it. If you aren’t marketing then you aren’t getting leads which mean you are not closing any deals. If you’re not closing any deals then you are not earning any money.

Have a Funded Proposal
A funded proposal is a way for you to earn an income even if people don’t join your primary business. These are people that need something you have to offer and they are within your target market. Now marketing a funded proposal won’t make you rich however if done correctly, it should at least cover your marketing costs as well as generate an abundance of leads.

Eliminate Your Broke Thoughts
Believe me when I say that doesn’t matter how many books and seminars you attend on marketing, if you have a poverty mindset then you will never have the success that you desire. You are a product of your thoughts and you have to work on your thought process as much as you do on marketing and prospecting. You will attract that which you spend the majority of the time thinking about. Change your thought, change your life.

There you have it, in a nutshell. If you want a successful business then you need to make yourself attractive to your prospects. The laws of attraction marketing are applicable to anyone in any business. Your job is to figure out how to make it applicable to you.



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