8 Steps to Network Marketing Success for Mompreneurs Seeking Rock Star Status

by golda on February 24, 2011

8 Steps to Network Marketing Success for Mompreneurs Seeking Rock Star StatusWith the ridiculous cost of childcare, rising food prices and the desire to spend more time with their children, more and more mothers are making the decision to start building a network marketing business. What ever your reason for starting a getting into network marketing if you want to be amongst the WAHM’s that achieve wild success then keep reading. This article will outline the 8 steps to network marketing success for

Mompreneurs Seeking Rock Star Status…

What’s Your Why?- First you need to determine why you have chosen this business model and the company you now call home . Correction, you MUST determine your why and this is non negotiable. Once you have your answer, you will want to write it out on a few index cards and post them where you can see them. Perhaps your workspace, your journal, your car dashboard, the refrigerator, and the bathroom mirror. Why? So that when you have those inevitable wall kicking moments (and trust me you will) you have that quick reminder of why you are building your business.

Commitment- The second thing you have to do is make a commitment to build your business. You must have the conviction that you will succeed. You must put on the blinders and get busy doing those things that will set you up for success. Commitment means that you won’t quit because people tell you no, or hang up on you or don’t show up for your meetings. It means that you will be there 2 days, 2 months even 5 years down the line. People are watching to see how committed you are before they will agree to be your business partner.

Time Block- The third thing you must do is to block your time. You should know what you are doing each and every day, it shouldn’t come as a surprise. You ever wonder how some people always seem to get things done even though they have a lot on their plate? Well I can tell you that top leaders in this industry have a tight reign on their time and they don’t allow anyone to waste it. Know how much your time is worth from the very beginning. How much do you want your business to pay you? Once you have that number then you know what activities you need to handle and what you should delegate.

Make Your List- The fourth step is to make your list. I know you probably heard that you didn’t need to do that, well you do. If you want to make money fast then you need to talk to those closest to you. Warning, most will say no but don’t worry just ask for a referral. Always ask for a referral.

Have a plan- The fifth step is to have your plan of action. I just mentioned that you have to know how much your time is worth. Well know that you know that number, you need to develop a plan to help you achieve that goal. It doesn’t have to be fancy but you need as much detail as you can so that you can get started and build a profitable business. How many people will you talk to on a daily basis? How soon do you want to rank advance and what systems do you have in place to make it happen?

Use Your Tools- The sixth step is to make sure that you are using your sales tools. Most network marketing companies have a  website with everything that you need to build a successful business. Order your DVD’s, CD’s, banners or whatever you need. Become a product of the product. You must believe in what you are marketing and the best way to do so is to become a walking advertisement.

Get Plugged In- The seventh step is to get plugged in. You must be on every conference call, webinar, and every live event. It’s important to do these things because as a leader you want to set an example from day one. What you do is what your future teammates and business builder’s will do.

Become Knowledgeable- The eighth and final step to successfully building your network marketing business is to become knowledgeable about your products. You won’t know a fraction of the information when you get started however, if you study a little at a time you will find that you  have been absorbing information that you weren’t aware you were listening to. Know the compensation plan because people will expect you to know it.

Remember that you are now the head of your multi million dollar corporation. You have a team of people placed to help you succeed beyond your wildest dreams, so step up. You are a leader and people are waiting for you to lead them. There you have it, your 8 step blueprint  for absolute network marketing success for Mompreneurs.

Here’s a BONUS for my single Mompreneurs, WHY? Because sometimes you just need to know how fabulous you are 8 Steps to Network Marketing Success for Mompreneurs Seeking Rock Star Status



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