Another Year, Another Goal List

by golda on January 7, 2013


Another Year, Another Goal List

Golda Smith


Can I tell you something? Like you’re going to say no! Ok, here I go, I haven’t felt much like celebrating this New Year. Don’t get me wrong, I’m so grateful for every day that I get to wake up laugh with my children and serve my fellow man BUT all the hoop-ha-la about starting fresh on January 1st…I’m kinda over that. The truth is that every day is an opportunity to start fresh, to strengthen your resolve, to dig your heels in and get it done!

So what’s going to be different for you this year? What’s on your goal list, are you finally going to lose the baby fat? Stop cursing? Run your first 5k? Engage on social media? Will you start blogging consistently? Read a book a month? All those are awesome goals and yours may not be ANY of those but whatever your goals are for this year, how are you preparing to achieve them?

I’ll tell you a few of my 2013 goals…only because I mentioned them on my Facebook page! One of my fitness goals is to train for and run two half marathons. To help me with these goals, I’ve already selected the races that I will run in. They are on my calendar and I’ve shared it with some of my fitness buddies. How’s that for accountability? I’ve also been doing a fabulous workout to help increase my cardio as well as giving an alternative to hitting the pavement.

So how about you, what’s one of your fitness goals and how are you setting yourself up for success?

Next, I’ll share a spiritual goal. More than anything, I want to be able to clearly hear the voice of God. Wait, can I talk about God here? I certainly! The older I get, the more I realize without a shadow of a doubt that I am tired of doing things my way. So to help me hear God’s voice, one thing I’ve done is  gone on the hunt for a local church home. While I love and follow a few ministries online, there’s nothing like physically being in the presence of other believers. I’ve also been buying books and listening to podcasts that speak on that subject and listening to them repeatedly.

So how about you, what’s one of your spiritual goals and how are you setting yourself up for success?

One of my personal goals is to be more patient with my children. I love my babies but they can push the buttons at times. Every parent understands that one…I think. To help me with this goal, I’ve been reading and praying and learning from the wisdom of parents that I respect.

When I asked people to share one of their personal goals the responses were great. One person said “to be happy”. Another said “to look and feel better” and another said “to get better credit”. What’s one of your personal goals and how are you setting yourself up for success? I hope I don’t sound like a broken records but there’s nothing wrong with a little repetition!

The difference between simply stating your goals and actually achieving them is having a plan of action. I have a few more goals that I’m working on; I’ve only shared a few. Some of my business goals are in the works and I’ll have to come up with a few more as these get checked off my list. That’s a great thing. Let me share one with you. One of my business goals was to connect with more local business owners and I recently connected with a local TV personality to do some marketing and social media for their business. I’m beyond thrilled!

How about you, what’s one of your business goals and what’s your plan to make it happen?

To kick off the New Year, I wanted to something totally fabulous for my readers and V.I.P. clients and you can read about it here. If I can help support you in achieving your business goals then let me know as it would be an honor to serve you. No matter what, this year, this day, this hour and minute, will be what you choose to make it. The time is now!




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