The Evolution of Ardyss- A Company Review

by golda on August 1, 2010

The Company
What started over 20 years ago in Mexico as a family business has exploded into an international brand, with a presence in the United States, Canada, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Peru and Mexico with future goals for new international markets. The company remains privately owned by the Díaz de León family.

In May of 2007, Ardyss International relocated their corporate headquarters to Las Vegas, Nevada and changed from a direct sales model to a network marketing business model. With this new business model, a number of families have been able to reach unimaginable financial goals based upon their willingness to work and build a profitable business.

The Product
The mission of the company is to change people’s lives and help them maintain a healthily lifestyle. With its flagship product, The Body Magic, which promises its wearer to drop up to 3 dress sizes in 10 minutes or less, Ardyss also offers a full line of nutritional products. Ardyss claims to be the first to market body shaping garments using the network marketing model. If you are not familiar with The Body Magic, these are some of the benefits experienced by its users:

  • Helps to firm and control your abdomen
  • Helps to lift and hold your lower stomach in position
  • Pulls your shoulders back and corrects your posture
  • Provides upper and lower back support
  • Thins hips, and lifts buttocks

The added bonus is that Ardyss services both women and men with their line of products, including targeted nutritional products and personal care items.

How Do I Get Paid?
Now this is what you really want to know. How do I get paid in this business? Well there are 10 different sources of income with this business opportunity and they are: direct sales, fast start express bonus, power pack bonus, enrollment relationship bonus, unilevel bonus, generational bonus, car bonus, rank bonus, presidential pool bonus, and power start bonus.

With so many avenues for income, you can build a five figure monthly income with Adryss International. I know this for a fact because personally know leaders within the company who are achieving those financial dreams.


As wonderful a business opportunity that Ardyss is, the company does not teach you how to market YOU and differentiate yourself from all of the other distributors marketing the products. For that you need a system designed to brand and market YOU. You need a system that will educate you on how to become the leader that others are looking for.

In conclusion, Ardyss delivers the goods but strong marketing knowledge will take you over the top and on the path to earning a figure monthly income and help you reach the ranks of Platinum President.



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