Cancer Sucks BUT, I’m Grateful

by golda on September 17, 2012

Cancer Sucks BUT, I’m Grateful

By Golda Smith


In 5 months I’ve watched my mom go from an independent woman, energetically walking and shopping in the city to barely eating or getting out of bed. We knew something was wrong but we didn’t realize how serious things were. By the time the diagnosis came in, we learned that she was in stage 4 of stomach cancer and it had spread to her liver.

While this would be enough to cause an emotional breakdown in some people I always look for the silver lining. In this case, it’s very easy. When I moved back to New York three years ago, I came for one major reason and that was to be closer to my family. I wanted my children to have a close relationship with their grandmother. I wanted them to see and interact with her daily and we’ve had that!

I’ve been blessed to have her in my life for 40 years. 40 YEARS! There are some people who never knew their mother or they have had them suddenly plucked from their lives or they just have a terrible relationship with their mother.

I’m blessed that I work from home and that allows me to be there for whatever she needs…be it a glass of water or to assist her in lifting her legs onto the bed. Sometimes, it’s just sitting and talking with her.

I’m sharing this because as an entrepreneur life happens. You don’t plan for it, it kind of just happens. The car breaks down on the way to an important meeting, your toddler gets sick as you are working on a client project or a loved on suddenly passes away. Life happens that a guarantee!

Taking Care of Business during Times of Stress

It’s not what happens to you but how you handle what is happening. Do you fall apart and halt all business activities? Sadly, some people do. Even though going through this journey with my mom and family is stressful…to say the least…I’ll share a few tips that I use to make sure I don’t lose my mind.

Get some movement

I started running, again, earlier this year and in the last few months. Sitting around thinking about everything that could go wrong or that is happening in your life isn’t helpful. However, just the physical act of moving your body will help mentally and emotionally. Remember, you can’t take care of anything or anyone if you are feeling run down. I’ve also noticed that I get some of my best ideas while running.

Set a goal

I’m not running just to run. I actually set a goal to run a half marathon and knowing that I am working toward that goal helps keep me focused on something positive. I know that running may not be your thing but I want to encourage you to make it applicable to your interests.

Get Help

Successful businesses are made from the work of ONE person. It is almost always a team effort. You may never see all the individuals involved in making it happen but they are there. If you are a solopreneur, this is especially for you. Learn to ask for and accept assistance. It is not an indictment of your ability to get the job done but there is much wisdom in getting the help you need to run and grow your business, especially when life happens.   

Know your breaking point

There are activities that must be done in your business in order for it to survive. You know what they are. It could be showing up for your coaching clients, implementing your marketing activities or publishing your newsletter. Then, you have your family obligations. You have to be very clear on where you draw the line as to what you can handle before you just implode.

Have gratitude

In all things be grateful! ALL things!!! It’s very easy to get angry when you are stressed but that does nothing except cause more anger and uncertainty. Being angry clouds your mind but when you are able to find something to be grateful for in that moment, it makes it easier to deal with whatever is happening in life. I thing gratitude is key.

I hope this is helpful for you and I’d love to hear how you make sure that you’re taking care of business during times of stress. Do share, we’re listening!



Golda Smith is a single mom who is building her “Business From The Kitchen Table” working with Fitness and Wellness Experts to put more muscle in their social media marketing. She has a new report to you to help build your fitness business through social media. Get started NOW!





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