Common Autoresponder Mistakes That are Costing You Money

by golda on February 20, 2012

Common Autoresponder Mistakes That are Costing You Money
By Golda Smith

Autoresponders…I love them! What I love most is when someone replies to one of my messages, and it never fails. They’ll say something like “thank you for inviting me to connect with you on facebook” or “No, I haven’t read that report yet but thank you for reminding me”. It just cracks me up. They think I actually wrote it just for them. High five!
In case your new here, an autoresponder is a pre-written email that is sent automatically at a predetermined time.
A well written autoresponder helps build the relationship with your list. It also leads your readers to the next step you want them to take such as “connect with me on facebook”
It asks questions…like…”what questions can I answer about the videos series I sent you?”
It gives updates, like…”Mr. X has added this number of people to his list by following these simple tips”. Sadly, not everyone is using their autoresponder as effectively as they could and should.
Just the other day as I was working on a task for a client, I noticed that when someone opted into their list, they got a whopping 2 emails in the auto responder series. In addition, my client hadn’t sent out any emails to the list. So in essence, once the two emails went out, they didn’t hear from her again!
That was mistake #1- Not communicating with your list regularly
Mistake #2- Not immediately sending what was promised
Have you ever signed up for something and you didn’t immediately receive it? I have and in 2012 there really isn’t any excuse for that. You should have your auto responder set so that after a person has confirmed they want to receive information from you, the very next message they receive is whatever you promised them and it should come immediately after they confirm.
If they have to wait, you stand the chance of them forgetting you and it makes you look unprofessional
Mistake #3- Not communicating often enough
Some people email their list ever day and some people email their list once a month…seriously. With some many things trying to get your attention, it’s critical that you stay in front of your audience. To the downfall of some marketers, they’re afraid of sending messages to their list for fear of getting on their nerves. They don’t want to bother them.
If you have 5 emails in your auto responder series it shouldn’t take you two weeks to get them out…9 days tops! Keep the emails brief and keep them bright, then get outta there.
Mistake #4-Sending outdated information
Part of being a professional is being on top of your game, which means constantly studying and sharpening your skills. Don’t you hate when someone sends you outdated information? Something that totally worked last year but is obsolete at this current time would be a waste of your time and probably cause you to remove yourself from their list.
The main goal of your auto responder is to build rapport with your list. Remember that your focus is always on people and what they want. When you’re writing your auto responders, keep that in mind and you can avoid making these common mistakes.
Writing autoresponders are simple but if you just don’t have the time then you should definitely outsource and for first time clients I have a pretty great solution for you. Always looking for ways to make your like life a little bit easier.
Loving Yourself Through Business By Unplugging and Building RelationshipsGolda Smith is a single mom who is building her "Business From The Kitchen Table" and enjoys working with other moms to get them into the happy zone and living the lives they were meant to live! Are we connected on twitter?



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