Recommended Resources

Recommended Business Resources

I can only recommend products that I have personally used and these are tools that I not only LOVE but use everyday for myself and my clients. Click on the images for more information.


I Heart

Email/Auto Responder– Easy to use templates. Create your emails, set up your auto responder series or your newsletter and set up your opt in offer. The 1st month is only$1. What do you have to loose?

Blog Hosting– Every website needs a home and host gator is great. Not only do they have the right price but their customer service is fabulous!


HootSuite - Social Media Dashboard

Social Media Management- Who the heck has time to spend all day on Facebook? Not me and not you if your a serious entrepreneur. Hootsuite allows you to manage your social media sites from ONE dashboard. Track multiple twitter accounts, keywords, hashtags and see who’s mentioned you in a conversation. It’s a real time saver. Free and paid accounts available!

 Time Tracking Software- Are you a freelancer and need to track your time down to the minute? This is a great tool. It also creates reports, invoices, time sheets and more. Free of paid accounts available.



Thesis Theme for WordPress:  Options Galore and a Helpful Support Community

WordPress Theme- Why Thesis? It takes the guess work out of your SEO efforts. With thesis, you no longer need to add any SEO plugins to have your blog become a power house in the search engines.


Shrink, Track, Share, Control ... Dominate

Tracking Tool– Professionals track EVERYTHING! Why? Because results are the proof of your actions. Feelings often lie but numbers never do. Pretty link allows you to shrink, mask, track, organize, share and test all your links on your domain. 



Twitter Building Tool- Search for new twitter followers by city, state, hashtag, list name or some other parameters. Build your following without any stress. No crazy foreign sex sites…unless you want crazy foreign sex sites following you that is. Set it up and watch your following grown.




Boomerang– I LOVE this tool for managing email. Respond to important emails at 1AM if you like but send them the next business day or 3 days from now, your clients don’t think you’re always accessible. You can also keep track of important emails that you need to follow up on.





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