Converting Your MLM Leads Into Your Business Partners- Part 2

by golda on April 8, 2010

Earlier I gave you the first three steps into converting your MLM leads into your business partners. Today I give you the last three, which are:

  • Over deliver
  • Offer a higher priced item
  • Repeat the cycle

After your prospect has accepted the low cost product you want to over deliver on that. In this case, they are testing your lead generation system so if you have trainings extend an invitation to your prospect, who is now your teammate. You want to give them much more than they expected. At this point you may want to start doing private trainings for your team and if you want to brand yourself even further, then name your team. Once you have this tight knit environment, why would anyone want to leave?

Now you have feed your prospect the appetizer, salad, bread, and it’s time for the main course. This is when you get to introduce your primary business and not a second before this. You see, by this time, if you have done everything correctly, you will have gained the trust of your prospect and they may be the one to initiate this step. This is when you can share the benefits of working with you. Now let me caution you! At this point you may be so excited that you start talking too much, don’t do it.  You have already proven yourself to be valuable and knowledgeable so don’t start begging for the business.

The final step in the process is to repeat the first five steps every day, consistently. That sound rather simple however, many people are the one and done type. They will go through this process once or twice and not see the results they desire and then find an excuse to quit. This process like any other takes time. I cannot put a time frame on your success but I can say that with a commitment to consistency you will find the success you desire. The system works; you are the only variable in the equation.



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