Converting Your MLM Leads Into Your Business Partners- Part 1

by golda on April 7, 2010

The purpose of marketing is to generate leads. Now that we have those leads what’s next? We hope that our leads will look at our business opportunity and say “YES! I will join you in business”. Well before that happens you have to convert that stranger into your friend and there is a six step process for this to happen. This post takes you through the first 3 steps which are to:

  • Create awareness of your product/services
  • Provide value and solutions
  • Offer something with a small monetary value

Let’s study these points in depth. Think about your business and how you can create awareness. For example, if you have a blog, then this is the perfect platform for letting everyone know who you are and what you have to offer. Are you offering videos, articles? This is also where you begin to brand yourself and inject your personality into everything that you do.

The second step is to provide value and offer your leads a solution to their problems, for FREE. What you are doing in this step is offering a “subscribe bribe”.  A subscribe bribe is when you get your lead to join your mailing list in exchange for their contact information. You may be wondering what on earth you have to offer? Well you can invite your leads to a free training call or a webinar. You can offer them free training. This is where you have the opportunity to display your knowledge.

The third step in this process is to offer something that has a small monetary value. At this point in the process you are starting to filter out your leads. The serious ones won’t have a problem spending a little cash because of all the value they have been receiving from you. You have been their oxygen mask on a plane spinning out of control. So what can you offer? Again, think about your industry. Do you use an attraction marketing system? If so, perhaps they offer an introductory trial period…perfect. Everyone wins in this situation. Your prospect gets to try your system for a relatively low cost without being tied into a purchase and you have provided more value.



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