Build Your Network Marketing Business Big Starting with A Core Team of 20%ers

by golda on June 22, 2010

Free Clipart Picture of an Apple core. Click Here to Get Free Images at School Clipart I think that it is safe to say that many people getting into network marketing are seduced by the idea of an unlimited income stream, time freedom, and not having to answer to a boss. The truth is that building a successful network marketing business takes intense focus and dedication. It also takes you identifying a core set of 20%ers. What are 20%ers? These are the small group of your team mates who produce most of the results. In this article, we will discuss why you are looking for the 20%.

If you are not familiar with the 80/20 rule, it states that 80% of the work will be done by 20% of the people. With that being said, you have to go into this knowing that the same is true for you. Only a small portion of the people who partner with you will produce consistent results. This small portion is what we will call your core team.

There are definite benefits to building your core team. One benefit is that it will allow you to create duplication that much faster. In building a successful and profitable network marketing business, duplication is the name of the game. Think about it for a minute. Do you have the time to sit and train each and every person that you bring into your team? You want to, as quickly as you can, indentify those players that move like you and think like you.

Another benefit to building your core team is that it creates momentum. Your core team is going to be busy prospecting and sharing the business with everyone. They will be busy building teams of their own and that is exactly what you want. Imagine 20% of your team working like this. Do you know what this activity creates? It creates momentum and excitement. You have a colony of worker ants busy creating something big. Big activity leads to big teams and that leads to big paychecks.

At the end of the day, you have to remember why you started on this journey. Was it to send your children to private school, take care of elderly parents, give to our favorite charities, max out that IRA, or perhaps not have to depend on child support or what ever cause keeps you up at night? You cannot build it big by yourself so the sooner that you can identify your core team of 20%ers, the sooner you can start to see duplication and momentum.



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