How to Create Blog Posts That Your Audience Wants to Read, Share and Comment On

by golda on June 7, 2012

How to Create Blog Posts That Your Audience Wants to Read, Share and Comment On

By Golda Smith

After blogging for 2 years now I think it’s fair to say that I’ve learned a thing or two about this subject. One of them is that if you’re not writing content that people want to read, you’ll have a very lonely blog.

Why You Want to Plan Your Blog Posts

You’re a mom, a business owner, perhaps you’re still an employee building your business. The point is, you don’t have time to sit around racking your brain about what to write. I want to compare it to meal planning because it’s something I do weekly. Every Thursday night or Friday morning, I sit down and write my menu for the upcoming week. No surprises…everyone knows what’s for dinner and I know exactly what I need to get at the market. The result? Less time in grocery shopping, no mindless spending or impulse purchases. You can take the same approach to blogging. Prep in advance. There are a few great editorial plugins to help you manage your blog posts, and then whenever you get an idea for a topic, you can go in and place it on the editorial calendar. Why do you want to plan your blog posts? You’ll spend less time thinking and more time writing with less stress.

How To Know What They Want To Read

There are a number of tools that you can use to read the minds of your audience and I’ll mention three of them today. The first is Facebook. Whenever you make a status update, I hope that you are making it count and not just throwing up something totally random. Use the valuable information provided from the insights of your like page. That information is a GOLD mine! Notice what people are talking about. What status updates have the most comments and shares? You can segment the posts into images, links, videos, questions and see what the data says. Who knows how many blog posts you could be inspired to create depending on what those numbers tell you.
I know some of you may be saying “okay Golda, I get the most shares on photos and quotes”. That’s great to know as well. The question you need to ask yourself is how you can take the feelings that image invokes and create a blog post…it can be done. Even if those numbers are low, don’t be discouraged! It could just mean that you need to tweak what you have and see what happens.
The next place to a look is your Google analytics. You should be reviewing your analytics data on at the very least, a monthly basis. What articles have the most views? What keywords are bringing people to your site? You have so much information right at your fingertips. Use it! From there, head over to your WordPress dashboard and see which articles have the most comments. That’s a great indication of what people like and what topic(s) you should produce more content for.  

What To Do With the Information?

Now that you’ve done your research I suggest taking your article headlines and placing them in an excel spreadsheet, word document or whatever you’re most comfortable with. The point is to have it available for future use. Try organizing your  data by topic.

Taking the time to plan your blog posts is so important especially as we are moving into the summer. The children are home AND you’ve still got to run your business. Not a hobby but a business! I’m amazed…completely amazed when I hear moms say that they blog WHEN they get a chance.
Excuse me…what!? Blogging is an integral part of your marketing plan and shouldn’t be treated like that bag of old clothing that you have stored away in your closet only getting attention when you can get to it! One of the best ways to create content that people want to read is to listen to what they’re already talking about, commenting on and sharing with their circle on social media. Make sure that you are mapping out a monthly blogging plan and that should ease the stress and allow you to create blog posts that people want to read, share and comment on.  
When it comes to blogging, what’s your formula for creating content? Do you like the idea of a blogging calendar?

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