Create Raving Fans for Your Network Marketing Business

by golda on March 11, 2011

Why did you get started in your MLM/Network Marketing business? Was it to earn a few extra hundred dollars? Spend more time with your children, travel, give to your favorite charity? The list could go on and on. Have you been at it so long that you have forgotten your WHY? Yes, sometimes people forget their why and I can prove it because when the going gets tough many people retreat instead of stepping up and not backing down.

Why do you get sidetracked and discouraged? Dare I say that it's because you just aren't getting the response that you want. People just aren't eating what your dishing. Well in this post I want to discuss how to create raving fans for what you have! It starts with your list. Argh, the list!! A targeted list filled with people who have raised their hand and said YES! I want what you have. The money is not in the list but it is in the relationship that you have with that list.


The first thing you need to do is identify your ideal client. What do they look like? What do they read? Where do they hang out? Do they have money? I certainly hope so! What are their needs?

Now if you are brand new then these are some question to consider:

  • What do YOU love?
  • What challenges have you overcome?
  • What would you do even if you weren't getting paid?
  • What do you dream about?


You Gotta Give To Get

Now that you've identified your market think about what you are going to offer them in exchange for their name and email address. This is very important. No one wants to sign up just to receive your newsletter. You better have something of value that solves a challenge for them. Interview someone in the top of the field your interested in and offer the audio and or the written transcript. For example, I've written a short e-book giving my market some FREE tools to build their business, so if you don't have it go get it. Is it for everyone? NO but for those that want it, it's there. So think about your offer and then create it. Don't procrastinate, just get it done.


What NOW?

Now that you are building your list your job is to create a community with that list. These are living, breathing people with lives. You want to engage them in conversation with your follow up. Your list will tell you what they want to learn because you will ask them. If you are using social media then just post questions up every once in a while and ask what they need help with. They will tell you and now you go create the content to respond to the need. Each and every piece of correspondence should have your list wanting to hear from you.

I hope that helps and if there is anything that you need assistance with just let me know. Have a fabulous day!


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1 Ayanna Mitchell March 12, 2011 at 9:15 am

As usual Golda you do an awesome job of identifying with your audience. Reminding us all that in all things we need to respect the key factor of relationship building in business. If we can master that – everything else, including the money will follow.

You are an amazing example of that.


2 Golda
Twitter: only1golda
March 12, 2011 at 11:38 pm

Thank you for your very kind comment Ayanna. I am humbled.


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