Facebook Timeline Cover: Put Your Best Face Forward

by golda on March 26, 2012

Facebook Timeline Cover: Put Your Best Face Forward
By Golda Smith
A few weeks ago I shared the exciting news regarding Facebook timelines. Of course, there are many people who have done nothing but mumble, whine, criticize and complain about WHY they don’t like the new timelines.
Here’s one thing I know for sure…change is inevitable. As a matter of fact, one of my favorite quotes reads “change is inevitable but suffering is optional”. It’s a Buddhist quote and I LOVE it and I want to share it with all the whiners who are unhappy with yet another Facebook change.
As a business owner, no one has time to get upset about the happenings on social media and here’s my number one reason why. You don’t own any of these sites. So if Facebook wants to roll out timelines, and like it or not it’s happening this week, they can do so…with my blessing.
Sometimes you have to change directions like a gazelle…swiftly! Instead of fighting change or worse yet…ignoring it like the mirrors in your home when you can’t accept that you’ve gained a couple of pounds, make a new plan.
Change can be difficult depending on how you look at it. With the new timelines quickly becoming a reality for those who have yet to convert, you will be putting the “social” back into social media.
For a moment, it seemed like everyone was screaming “look at what I have” and only engaging with you for some secret ulterior motive of just getting you to buy their product or service. With the new, and strict, guidelines about what you can have on your cover, it’s forcing people to get creative and intentional about how they use that very valuable piece of virtual real estate.
Your cover photo will be the first thing people see. No more customized landing pages forcing people to like your page before you get to interact with them. Thank goodness! I really didn’t like that. One complaint I’ve heard from people is they have no idea what to use as their cover. Ching Ya from Social @Blogging Tracker wrote a fabulous post that may help boost your creativity.
Here’s another tip regarding your cover…change it often, every few weeks should be sufficient. You want to keep it fresh. Think about your business and clients. You could highlight a fan of the week or pet of the month. You’re only limited by the limits of your creativity.
Don’t think you have to spend a fortune with a web designer either. You can hop over to one of my favorite sites, Fiverr, and find someone to create a few covers for you. Why Fiverr? Because you can hire people to do things for $5.
Of course the cover isn’t the end all when it comes to timelines BUT it’s your first chance to make a great impression, so don’t blow it. Embrace the change because if I know Facebook, there will be another one just around the corner.
I’d love to know how the new timelines will affect your marketing strategy…if at all. Be sure to let us know by leaving a comment. 

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