accountability buddy 300x230 8 Key Mindset Tips to Help Stick with Your New Health Goals

8 Key Mindset Tips to Help Stick with Your New Health Goals

By Golda Smith


While one can begin at any moment they choose to make a new declaration, it’s often to beginning of the year that most people get really serious about it. This year was no different, lol. If you are like the hundreds of thousands of people that vowed THIS year was going to be different, THIS year you are going to stop smoking, drinking diet soda, eat more fruit, drink more water, dare I even say…exercise!

Let me say congratulations on even acknowledging that something must be done. Sadly, this is right about that time of the month when most of those same enthusiastic people begin to tire. They start to lose their mojo and those little bad habits begin to slip their way back in.

It starts very innocently. First you have one can of soda because after all you’ve gone two weeks without one and ONE isn’t bad. Then you grab a fast food lunch special because you were too tired to meal plan and prep over the weekend and you’re really hungry. Then you end up working late and decide to skip the gym and then it’s a slippery slope to eating whatever is in the refrigerator when you get in from a long day at the office and if you have children…forget about it!

Trust me I understand. Been there, done that! But I want you to know that it doesn’t have to be that way and you can do this. Today I want to share with you 8 key mindset tips to help you stick with your new health goals once and for all.

  1. Accountability- Research has shown time and time again that people who have to answer to someone, be it a coach, friend or mentor have an increased likelihood of success. So here’s my question to you. Who are you accountable to and what are they holding you accountable to?
  2. No distractions- It’s ridiculously to get distracted from the moment we wake up to the moment we fall asleep. Between social media, family, friends and life obligations making time for yourself can be challenging but answer this question, what are you willing to give up to achieve your health goals? It could be television, socializing, gossip, and even social media.
  3. Keep a positive attitude- The Bible has a lot to say about the mind and research shows that people with a more positive attitude tend to be healthier and happier. If you want to have more success sticking with your health goals then eliminate the drama from your life. This means no negative self-talk, not from you or from anyone else. Productive people don’t have time for drama.
  4. Manage your energy- Whatever you fuel your body with is the energy you will get. Make sure you’re drinking enough water and eating balanced meals with colorful plates. Eliminate the processed foods and if remembering to eat is a problem then set some alarms on your smartphone. Here’s a quick pick me up tip, have ½ tablespoon of bee pollen with a drizzle of coconut oil. It’s a great pick me up!
  5. Get a thick skin- Here’s the thing about change, especially something as personal as changes to one’s health…people are not always supportive and some are downright rude and mean. You will have to learn to ignore and even divorce yourself from those negative people who are uncomfortable with your positive changes. It has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them. Be all right with that.
  6. Increase your self-love- This goes hand in hand with growing a thicker skin. To stick with your health goals and make them a part of your new lifestyle you will have to learn to love yourself and acknowledge that you deserve to live in the healthiest body that you can. You have to love yourself enough to know that no one is going to do it for you and no matter how many times you may have started and quit in the past you can do it this time.
  7. Compassion NOT comparison- Being jealous of other women, wishing you had their flat tummy or perky breasts does not help you develop a great attitude so don’t do it. Play the cards you were dealt with, set realistic goals, set a realistic plan and then work said plan.
  8. It’s totally up to YOU- It would be great if I could show up at your bed side, roll you out of bed, fix all your meals, and lead you through a fabulous workout to torch those calories and tighten that body. Sadly, that’s impossible…the rolling you out of bed part anyway, lol. Seriously, if you are serious about your health goals then you need to get this through your head. Lean in and listen very carefully…it’s no one’s responsibility to motivate you except YOU! Sorry, I didn’t know how else to gently break that to you but it’s the truth.

There you have it, I hope these tips help you stay on track with your health goals. If you’ve already thrown your hand up and given up then perhaps now is a great time to recommit. Starting February 2nd I’m starting my next challenge group, For the Love of Health. Every week I share a work out video with 5 moves you can in 30 minutes 3 to 4 times during the week, meal prep ideas, and accountability. This isn’t for everyone but this could be your healthiest year yet! Just email for more information of our next group challenge. In the meantime, please share your tips for staying on track with your health goals.


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