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When One Door Closes
By Golda Smith

These last few weeks, no months have been quite taxing. Parenting isn’t easy especially when there is tension between the parents. I became what I swore I would never become…a single parent. I can’t believe I’m sharing this but since I started, I may as well continue.

I remember the first time my children left to spend the summer with their father. It was the longest that we had ever been apart from each other and I cried almost as soon as they walked out the door. I’m talking about fall to the floor curled into a fetal position in tears. I had no idea what I was going to do without them.

You see, my whole world had somehow become all wrapped up in my identity as mother. The one that cooked, bathed them, read to them, washed their clothes and no one else could do it, or so I thought. That was at least 6 years ago and like that great saying goes, when one door closes another one opens.

I’ve watched us all grow and learn more about ourselves. Here at FIT Mom Lifestyle, it’s all about growth and transformation. During the last few years, I’ve watched my babies grow into creative, bold, articulate young children. Recently, my daughter graduated from elementary school with so many awards and even a scholarship. My son continues to improve his craft of playing the violin and I couldn’t be prouder of them. As a parent that’s what we want, to raise independent doers and thinkers.

Now as for me, fast forward a few years and they once again left to spend the summer with the dad. This time when they left, there were no tears just air kisses being blown and smiles exchanged. Instead of being sad, I counted my blessings. I’m thankful that my children have a father that loves spending time with them and is able to. I’m thankful that they get to spend time with their grandparents.

I’m most thankful that I get to spend more time taking care of me. YES, I said it. Moms are notorious for taking care of everyone and leaving themselves for last. Since they’ve been gone, I’ve gone grocery shopping once, started taking Bikram Yoga, going to the gym earlier and cooking for one…IF I feel like cooking.

What a difference some years make. When one door closes…another one opens. The door opening for me is one where my children aren’t as dependent upon me as they once were and I’ve grown comfortable with it. They will always be my babies but I have a life as well. It’s so easy to forget sometimes, I get it! How are you looking after yourself? Let me offer a couple of suggestions:

Buy yourself some flowers- Don’t wait for a special day! Having fresh flowers in your home or office is a great way to brighten your mood and make you feel calm and happy.

Plan a Mommy night for one- You don’t have to worry about child care so light a candle, read a book or watch a movie while giving yourself a facial.

Join a workout group- summer is the perfect time to get outdoors and exercise. Find a No Excuse Mom group near you and get a fun and FREE workout with a group of moms just like yourself.

I won’t lie, I’m looking forward to the return of my chocolate drops so I can cover them in kisses but I’m also going to enjoy every moment until that day. Mommies, whether you co-parent, are married or truly are raising your children without the other parent, remember that YOU are more than a mother AND you matter! Make time for yourself, even for a few moments a day…you deserve it.


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