IMG 26141 e1418010240644 225x300 Your Action Board On The Road Forward to 2015

Your Action Board On The Road Forward to 2015

By Golda Smith

Can you believe that in less than three weeks we will be at the end of another year and ready to step in to 2015?! Well no matter how fast or slow you think time is moving, believe it. Did you accomplish most of what you wanted to do this year? I know I didn’t, which leads me to today’s article.

A few days ago my coach challenged me to create an action board…not to be confused with a vision board. Initially I was confused and really didn’t understand the difference until it was clarified. A vision board can consist of almost anything that you WANT to happen whereas an action board is what you see yourself doing (Positively GOING to do), two totally different things.

All I needed to do was think about what actions I was committed to taking in the New Year to accomplish my goals. I absolutely LOVE this idea because it forces one to think about moving with realistic intention. The point is to identify actions that are challenging enough yet not too difficult that you set yourself up for failure and it also forces you to not put too much on your plate…which would also set you up for failure.

I’ve never made a vision board though I have thought about it many times but obviously I was never moved enough to actually complete one. However, the idea of creating an action board seemed totally doable to me and so that’s how I spend my Saturday night. Of the many things that I wanted to attach to my action board here are a few that made the cut:

Two passport applications- I wanted to get passports for my chocolate drops since last year so that we can take a trip to Barbados and visit the land where my father was born. Sadly, I never did it. I decided to take the first step and print them out and attach them to my board.

The reading room- Not a physical reading room but a reminder to read all those books I keep buying! I know I’m not the only one.

Office furniture- One of the beauties of being a work at home mom is…that I get to work from home. One of the curses of being a work at home mom is…that I work from home. I’m FINALLY purchasing a desk and chair so that I have a dedicated work space. No more working at the kitchen table, dining room table or my bed! Time to go Pro.

CES certification- I received my personal training certification in September and while there are a number of other things I’d like to study, I’ve decided that it makes sense that the next certification I study for is corrective exercise specialist.

Budget forms- Since going through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University last year, I’ve paid off one credit card and I’m a few payments from paying off my last credit card. The only thing I didn’t do was prepare my monthly budget. Well, I printed it out, one for each month and I will tell my money where to go! I call it FOCU$.

Post its- I love having my reminders in front of me and one of my favorite scriptures is Isaiah 41:10 which says “So do not be fear, for I am with you. Do not be dismayed for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” How many times have you wanted to reach for a dream only to allow fear to stop you dead in your tracks? Let this scripture remind you that you are NOT alone and you don’t have to be afraid. At the same time, sometimes you will have to DO IT AFRAID!

Time to Prosper- I printed a portion of my business playbook that I know I should be following but haven’t, why…FEAR, but the paragraph above is a reminder that it’s all right to feel the fear but do it afraid. The worst thing is to do nothing or to live life at a lower expectation of what I can do. I am capable of doing much more that I have been and it’s time to step it up.

Your turn, now I challenge you to create your action board. What would you put on it? The only challenging thing about this is to not put to many things on it. Only place things that you are committed to doing in 2015. Make it challenging yet realistic and set deadlines. Will you do it? Leave your comments below because I would love to see what you are committed to taking action on.




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