IMG 80162 300x300 Losing Fat After 40

Losing Fat After 40

By Golda Smith


Anyone that knows me and knows me well, knows that I LOVE pizza and sushi. As a matter of fact, I seriously think pizza should be its own food group. YES I do!! One of my favorites is pesto pizza with tomatoes, broccoli and roasted garlic. I’m salivating just thinking about that. Growing up in New York, I would have a slice almost every day after school with a small coke.

When I became pregnant with my first child, I soon discovered Amy’s Pesto Pizza. I am not ashamed to share that I ate an entire pie at least once a week throughout my pregnancy. I don’t recommend every pregnant woman does that but it hit the spot for me.

Now in my 40’s, I still love pizza but I don’t eat it as much and I’ve also been making my own cleaner versions which are just as delicious. I may share some of those recipes one day, it you ask nicely. One question I am repeatedly asked whether in person or through social media is “how do you get so lean?” Losing weight after 40 doesn’t seem to be so easy. Many think the secret lies in my intense workouts…they don’t, although they do help. My “secret” which really isn’t a secret at all has to do more with what I am eating.  

Sadly, too many women believe they must starve themselves, eating one or two meals per day or they are eliminating entire food groups, which is just goofy. Think about it this way:

It’s the dead of winter and you heat your home with wood logs. You wake up one morning and toss a few logs into the fire. Your home gets nice and toasty while you sip your tea in front of the fire place. Here’s my question for you, how would you keep your home warm? Would you wait until the evening after the fire had long died before you added more logs and reheated your home OR would you make sure to add fresh logs every three or so hours?

I hope you chose the latter! It just makes more sense to have a constant fire going and this is exactly what you are doing with your metabolism when you make sure to feed yourself four to five times per day. Feed yourself as much whole, unrefined foods as you can because your body has to work a little bit harder to break them down so you’ll be burning more calories while storing less fat. Sounds like a Win-Win to me.

Here are some of my favorite foods to help fight the fat and release those stubborn pounds.

Oatmeal- A childhood favorite, I’ve always loved oatmeal, I’m just making it a little differently than I once did. Use the plain oats because you have no added sugar. A half cup is enough to keep you full for hours while giving you a healthy dose of carbs that boost your metabolism and burn fat.

Salmon- Do your best to purchase wild salmon because it should be free of all the additives found in other types of fish. Two 3-4oz. per week should be sufficient to help build muscle while burning fat. Don’t worry, if you’re not a meat eating there are plenty of other options.

Avocados- This had become one of my new favorite foods and it’s not just because I make a killer guacamole. This little powerhouse helps keeps inflammation in check while providing essential fatty acids, antioxidants, good fats and a great dose of fiber to get those calories burning.

Green vegetables- Take your pick, kale, collard greens, broccoli, mustard greens it doesn’t matter. Add more greens to your everyday diet and you are loading up on fiber (a good thing) and non-starchy carbohydrates.

Tofu- I haven’t purchased tofu in a while and I should add it back into my diet because it is delicious when properly prepared. Tofu provides sufficient protein and calcium to help kill fat and build those muscles.

Flax Seeds- The best way to consume this superfood is ground. You can add them to your smoothies or sprinkle on any food you are eating; it’s loaded with Omega 3’s

Quinoa- Another favorite in my house, I usually keep a bowl ready for use in my weekly meal plans. This is a superfood indeed because it contains all the essential amino acids and is packed with protein. You will be fuller for longer giving your metabolism the boost it needs.

I have a few others but this is a great start. Now of course this all means nothing without implementation so here is my question. Which one of these will you add to your diet this week that you haven’t been using before? Take a moment to let us know in the comments; you don’t know who you are inspiring.

Excuses or results…it is up to you!

To your best life,



IMG 7964 150x150 Losing Fat After 40Golda Smith is a nutritional cleansing coach, runner, kettlebell fanatic and all around athlete with a passion for helping moms achieve their health goals. Connect with her everyday on Facebook or Instagram.


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