running injury No Pain, No Gain...Really?

No Pain, No Gain…Really?

By Golda Smith


It all started very innocently. “Let’s race to the house”, my daughter said. “On your mark…get set…GO!” and we took off. A few strides into my sprint I was stopped by an excruciating pain in my left hamstring. I was pretty sure I pulled it and over the next few days I was limping around the house, literally. I crawled up and down the stairs. It wasn’t fun.

That was about three years ago. My goodness how time flies. After I pulled my hamstring, at least that’s what I thought happened, I gave my leg time to heal and then I started jogging and then running again. I even trained for and completed my second half marathon two days after laying my mother to rest.

During the next two years, I joined a gym and began working out because I wanted to get in shape and win the Isabody Challenge which is a lifestyle competition by Isagenix. If you didn’t know, I am a happy representative of the company but that’s not the focus of this blog post.

So since my initial injury, I would sometimes feel a little discomfort in my leg but nothing that set off any red flags. I have re-injured it and when I did, I would ease up on my training until this summer. I noticed that the pain was more frequent even when I wasn’t doing very much. While hot yoga did help my muscles relax so that I could get a really great stretch, the relief was short lived. I had enough and it finally occurred to me that I really needed to see a doctor. I honestly don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner.

Actually, I decided I wanted to have an MRI done but I knew I needed a referral from my primary care provider. Made the appointment and I spent the majority of the time trying to get her to give me the referral. She was insisting that I didn’t need it and they wouldn’t find anything. As I’m writing this now, I’m shaking my head because she really believed that she knew better than me regarding my body.

When I was in graduate school working on my public health degree, one of the things we studied was patient advocacy. We found that some people we intimidated by the letters behind the name and felt that the doctor knows best. Well I think it’s safe to say that they don’t always know what’s best. I learned that sometimes you have to be your own advocate, asking questions that are important to you even if your doctor seems bothered that you dare question their good judgment.

I did leave the office with my referral and a few days later I was laying in the MRI machine. A few days later at my follow up visit my doctor says “you have a partially torn hamstring”. Strangely I felt better knowing exactly what was causing the pain I felt when I would squat, walk or sit for too long. Why it took me so long I don’t know but now I know. Next step is to see an orthopedic specialist…my doctor’s suggestion, which I think is funny.

The last two weeks I haven’t trained like I usually do…I can’t without causing more injury. Often times I’ll see someone on social media talking about pushing through the pain or no pain, no gain. Honestly, I think that’s silly. Pushing through soreness is one thing but pain is your body telling you to STOP. I’ve learned to pay attention to what my body is telling me so for now no more heavy leg days and in case you didn’t know I LOVE training my legs. Instead, I’m going back to focus on my yoga practice and continuing to train my upper body.

Practicing what I preach to my clients, I have to mix up my training. It’s good for the body, mind and soul. If you are feeling stagnant in your workouts then this is a great time to change things up, you’ll be surprised how much faster you will see results. So that’s where things are with me. I see the specialist this week and we’ll see what she says. Here’s my question for you, when it comes to your health have you ever had to stand up to your health care provider, if so how did it go?







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