Adaptogen Herbs to Increase Energy

Adaptogen Herbs to Increase Energy and Athletic Performance

By Golda Smith


If you are a busy mom like I am then this article is for YOU. If you are a busy mom and athlete, working from home or working outside of the home then this article is for YOU. We’re talking about natural ways to help manage stress, trauma and fatigue.

I recently began my studies in herbal medicine for women and am learning much more about the beauty and benefits of adaptogens. Perhaps you’ve heard the term adaptogens being thrown around lately. Adaptogens are a primary class of herbs that are used to support and restore adrenal health…basically, they help our bodies adapt to stress, trauma and fatigue. Honestly speaking, in this microwave society, gotta check my social media accounts, more, more, more culture we are living in, it’s no wonder so many people are living in a chronic state of anxiety.

Adaptogens aren’t anything new; they have been used for literally thousands of years in Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. The term adaptogen was first used by Dr. Nickoli Lazarev, a Russian pharmacologist back in 1947. With so many products on the market it can be challenging to know what is really what.

What qualifies an adaptogen as an adaptogen?

To be considered an adaptogen the herb must demonstrate the three following qualities:

  • It must have a non-specific effect in that it increases the resistance to a broad range of stressors.
  • It must have a normalizing effect, meaning it prevents disturbances caused by stressors.
  • It must be non-toxic and cause no significant side effects.

So who exactly are adaptogens for? Anyone living the daily grind of life! Are you a busy mom? Athlete? Have difficulty sleeping? Are you constantly tired? Feeling overwhelmed? Have difficulty concentrating? Then yes, perhaps you may want to experiment with these adaptogens herbs to increase energy and athletic performance.

Adaptogens You May Want to Add

Goji berries– I’ve been eating these berries for the last year and had no idea they are considered an adaptogen! They are excellent tonic herb for the liver, blood and kidneys. They’re also loaded with antioxidants and pound for pound has more Vitamin C than oranges. Goji berries help to strengthen your adrenals, thyroid and pituitary glands which is great because these are the glands that are responsible for muscle growth, repair and generating energy. I usually use them to top my oatmeal, Greek yogurt or smoothie bow. You can also soak them so they get a little plump and just pop them in your mouth or blend it into your shake or smoothie.

Maca– Grown high in the South American mountains of Peru, maca is seen as an exotic superfood when in reality, it’s been around for thousands of years but it’s just gotten popular here. This is another adaptogen that I’ve been using for a while without knowing it was an adaptogen…I just knew that I liked how I felt once I started incorporating it into my lifestyle, which was ALIVE and energized. Some of the benefits include immune system booster, increased fertility for both women and men, increased energy, focus and memory. I add the powder to my shakes.

Ashwagandha– It is one of the most powerful herbs in Ayurvedic medicine with many uses such as: boosting immunity, improving energy, reducing anxiety and improving quality of sleep and has been used for thousands of years. Since beginning my herbal medicine course, this was the first adaptogen I wanted to try. I purchased it in the powder form and add it to my daily shakes. For all of my researchers and sceptics, there are more than 200 hundred studies on the use of this botanical.

Ionix Supreme– Six years ago when I decided I was tired of being sick and tired I started to pay attention to my nutrition. I began by taking an ounce of this adaptogen blend and within a few days, it was as if a switch was turned on. I suddenly had energy that had been lacking and the brain fog was disappearing. I still take it to this day however, I rotate between the others I’ve mentioned above. Now that I’m digging deeper into my herbal studies and I see that this product contains all the adaptogens mentioned above and then some, I can see why it works so well. #JustSayin

There are many more adaptogens but these are the ones I currently use. As a busy mom, entrepreneur and athlete I’ll say this again…if it’s not in my kitchen, it’s NOT on my blog. Each individual adaptogen won’t work the same one everyone (though that would be wonderful) so please consult with your primary care provider. This is your health and you should have a great enough relationship with your doctor to be able to discuss alternatives to Western medicine and if your primary care provider doesn’t believe in herbal medicine…that’s a whole other discussion for another blog post. Do you currently use adaptogens? If so, I’d love to know which ones and how they have benefited you so be sure to leave your comments below.







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