Strawberry Watermelon SmoothieWatermelon and Strawberry Refreshing Smoothie

By Golda Smith

I’m convinced that summers are made for chillaxin while eating watermelons! Perhaps that explains why I’ve being making up for not enjoying them earlier this summer and in the past two weeks I’ve eaten and or blended and consumed three of them almost by myself. Melons are these beautiful nutritious, hydrating balls of deliciousness. Don’t argue with me on that! Watermelons (and melons in general) are low in calories, high in antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and help offset inflammation! They’re also 92% water so there is no reason why you should not be enjoying this fruit. A word of caution…do yourself a favor and get your watermelon with seeds. Seedless watermelons are not how nature intended them to be! That’s something created in a lab and has been sprayed with chemicals. Trust me, I’ve never met anyone that chocked on a watermelon seed so do your best to purchase an organically grown melon.

Benefits of eating watermelon

Acts as a natural cleanser and diuretic

Helps decrease bloating


Helps relieve muscle soreness

Helps improve heart health

Helps improve eye health

Boosts weight loss

Strawberries are probably one of my top three favorite fruits ever! So, when I see them on sale, I will adjust my shopping budget so I can stock up on them. The ones that don’t go into my mouth get rinsed, chopped and stacked in the freezer for use through the fall and winter. I basically have a few dedicated shelves in the freezer for my fruits.

I often refer to them as nature’s candy because they are do deliciously sweet but they don’t spike the blood sugar level. They are a nutritional powerhouse and are packed with Vitamins, minerals and are super rich in antioxidants which help to repair, rebuild and rejuvenate the body.

Benefits of eating strawberries

High in manganese

Helps to support a healthy pregnancy

Aids in detoxification

High in antioxidants

Has been shown to protect against cancer

Helps improve heart health

Protects the skin from damage

Helps improve brain health

Now I want to share a supper quick and easy smoothie recipe you can sip on through your morning or afternoon. Here is the full recipe:


1 half watermelon, cut into cubes

2 cups of strawberries

1 handful of fresh mint


  1. Add ingredients to blender.
  2. Blend until smooth.
  3. Enjoy!

Before you start blending why not kill two birds with one stone and get a quick HIIT workout in first?!? I will share that one next.


Happy blending,


















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