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6 Quick and Easy Tips for a Happy, Healthy Family


By Golda Smith


It really blows my mind sometimes when I sit and realize that my babies are no longer babies. Yes they will always be MY babies but they are no longer those helpless little cuddly beings needing to be nursed every few hours. Now they are walking to school without momma, washing their own clothes and other tasks.

The last few years have been a learning process for all of us but as the head of the household, for me especially. Earlier this year I began leading a fitness group for moms because I wanted to encourage them to take care of themselves. Let me say that I am not perfect nor do I want to come off as having it all figured out because I don’t. However, I have figured out what works for my family and I do have to say that we are a beautiful happy, healthy family.

If you are struggling with bringing balance into your home please allow me to share my six quick tips to creating your happy healthy family.

Daily prayer time- It starts with self, taking time preferably before the daily hustle begins to sit still and talk with God which is what I define prayer to be. Something else that we do as a family is to pray before we head out the door.

Sit down for a meal together- In today’s hectic world, it’s almost impossible to sit down and enjoy a meal for one much less as a family but pick one and stick to it. Research shows that families that eat at least one meal together tend to be closer knit, have more conversations and eat healthier.

Make exercise play time- No matter how old your children are, you can always turn exercise into play time. When my children were toddlers, we made a game out of tidying up their room. Now on the playground we do pull ups and push-ups, we squat with the laundry basket. Just have fun with it and don’t use your children as an excuse. Let them be your reason for being happy and healthy.

Get everyone on board with meal planning- People often ask me if my children eat what I eat and the answer is yes. They may not love everything I prepare and that’s all right but I do get their agreement as to the upcoming weekly meal plan. Planning ahead saves me from stressing over what to prepare and making unhealthy choices.

Keep healthy tasty snacks on deck- “Preparation is the key to success.” -Alexander Graham Bell. If you want you and your children to eat healthy then there really is a simple solution…don’t buy crap! You as the head of the household hold the purse strings. Keep some fruits (dry or fresh) on deck. There are some healthy snack choices as well, one of my favorites are Whey Thins. Perfect for the late nights when I want to crunch on something a little salty and I feel great giving it to my children as well.

Praise 10x more than you criticize- Certainly if you have children you know that sometimes they can try your patience and you may have found yourself in constant correction mode where you are constantly criticizing them. It’s sometimes done unconsciously but it happens. What I want to suggest is that for every criticism, you look for ten ways to praise your child. It could be as simple as letting them know how much you appreciate the fact that they close the door quietly, that they are caring and compassionate. Look for ways to lift them up and watch them rise to the level of your expectations.

Now comes the fun part…it’s your turn. Tell us how these tips are sitting with you and how you are creating a happy healthy family.




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