5 Night Time Rituals to Help You Sleep Better

by Golda

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5 Night Time Rituals You Can Cultivate to Help You Sleep Better

By Golda Smith


Does this sound familiar?

You finally get in from another busy and probably long commute home from work. You prepare dinner and manage to get the kitchen clean. Then it’s off to checking homework from your children while perhaps watching a little television. Then you fall into bed absolutely exhausted only to find that you cannot fall asleep.

You are wired YET tired! The results of which can be:

– Waking up feeling exhausted
– Caffeine dependence
– Weight gain
– Inability to release weight
– Adrenal stress

I have had my fair share of restless nights, especially in college and it was not fun in the least. I understand that restlessness happens occasionally; however, if this is a regular occurrence then I would like to offer a solution and it is to re-create your evening. Specifically, I encourage you to create rituals. A ritual is defined as a fixed action you do repeatedly. The truth is, we all perform rituals of some sort. The question is, are those actions helping or preventing you from living your best life?

Here is a Facebook Live I recently did where I shared five-night time rituals you can cultivate to help you sleep better.

Just want to bullet points? Here you go!
     1. Set yourself some cues. I mentioned an app…you can find it here, f.lux. It’s a free download that warms up your device display at night to match your indoor lighting.
     2. Go for a short walk either by yourself or make it a family affair.
     3. Take a bath. Not a bath person? Have a relaxing foot soak with some essential oils.
     4. Practice a gentle yoga sequence
     5. Journal and get your thoughts out of your head and onto paper.

What some of your nighttime rituals? Please share them in the comments because we are all here to learn.



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