Unapologetically F.I.T. Facebook Group




Our women only private Facebook group community is where the magic happens, and you’ll have lifetime access no matter if you put your journey on hold or expand your fitness and nutrition horizons elsewhere and if you decide to become a client of mine…cool. I believe that we are stronger together, and health and fitness is a lifelong pursuit. I want to make sure that you always know that you have a place to plug into for support.



FMB FB group page


Your posts will never end up on your public news feed, and nothing from within the group is shared without expressed written permission. What happens in our group stays in our group. I know that everyone does not like Facebook but that is the platform we use so I recommend that if you don’t have a Facebook account, you create one and include a photo of yourself…after all this is social media. Remember, it is simply our way to stay connected – you don’t even need to add your family and friends – this can simply be an account that you use to gain access to the Unapologetically F.I.T. group. We’ll be sharing photos, videos, live streaming, encouragement, resources, recipes, tips and stories — and where we do our daily check-ins to stay accountable. Come on over, we can’t wait to meet you!





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