Real Women…Real Results!!!

Real Women, Real Results

Facts don't lie but feelings often do. When it comes to your health, there simply is no substitute. No matter where you are on your journey, there's an entire community of women to support you. Let me introduce you to some…
Meet Patricee
Patricee of California has a life motto to “love yourself, no matter your size.” Yet, when she opted for an acting career, she knew her size 18 wouldn’t get her the part.

In addition to losing 110 pounds, Patricee now has more energy with Isagenix and is more active than ever. She runs three miles every day, works out at the gym at least five days a week, takes spin classes, weight trains and participates in a variety of sporting events.

“Isagenix has allowed me to have a ‘do over,’” Patricee says. “Wouldn’t everyone like to do some things over again in their lives if given the opportunity? It’s been an incredible journey!”

Meet Marina
“Once, I could barely walk around the block and now I can cycle 110 to 135 kilometers at a time,” shares Marina. “I even do regular hiking and yoga to stay fit.” Her confidence growing daily, she’s proud to have overcome the emotional hurdles that kept her frozen in fear for so long.

“I used to be afraid to be slim because I didn’t want to attract unwanted attention,” says Marina. “My internal story has changed and I know I can be slim and safe at the same time.”

Meet Annie

“I had been overweight my entire adult life and it was time to start investing in myself so I could be healthier for my children,” explains Annie.

“This wasn’t rocket science to follow,” laughs Annie. “It was all the things I’d heard over the years, but wasn’t sure how to apply.” On the road, Annie began exercising in her hotel rooms, using the products and watching the scale dip backward.

One down side to her shrinking size? The cost of buying new clothes, but according to Annie some things are just worth it. “Not only am I a fit mom, I’m also a hip mom now!” laughs Annie.

Meet Sandra

Skeptical even when introduced to the products, Sandra says her mind was quickly changed shortly after she began using the Cleansing and Fat Burning System, not to mention how she felt after 30 days on the system.

Her clothes began to grow looser on her body and as she stuck to taking her daily vitamins, drinking her shakes, eating balanced meals and getting active, the weight began to melt off until finally she reached the 100-pound mark.

Not only has losing the weight impacted her health, but it’s transformed her family’s eating habits, as well.

“My three kids love the IsaLean® Shakes and bars, SlimCakes® and the IsaKids® Essentials,” says Sandra. “It’s easier for me now to feel confident that they’re starting their days off with nutrition.” “Now I try to work out three times a week and take the stairs more frequently,” she says. “I do it because I’m feeling good—I reached my ‘Rocky.’

Meet Amber

Amber never really saw it happening. Over the course of a decade the mother of five’s weight had slowly crept up until she couldn’t even jump anymore. Before gaining more than 100 pounds, Amber used to lifeguard and play volleyball.

“Being overweight took everything out of me and slowly narrowed my world until I was barely there,” recalls Amber. “The most painful thing was how I looked on the outside didn’t match how I felt on the inside.”

After giving the Cleansing and Fat Burning System a shot, after dropping 30 pounds, she knew she’d finally found something that worked and was a healthy lifestyle change that she could maintain for good. As her energy returned, she began craving sessions at the gym and began getting involved in cycling races.


Meet Whitney

“I don’t really know how to cook,” admits Whitney, a professional volleyball player. “So I’d buy healthy foods or heat up low-calorie frozen meals for dinner, but I’d still be hungry and wind up snacking on junk food.”

Whitney also struggled during volleyball season, which stretches every year from March to September. The demands of playing multiple games and traveling frequently made it “easy to cheat and just grab junk.”

Since she began nourishing her body with Isagenix, Whitney has experienced incredible, energizing results giving her more confidence on the court. Not only has she dropped two jean sizes, reduced her body fat percentage and gained muscle tone, she’s noticed that she’s able to keep up with her long training days and no longer finds herself reaching for sugar-laden, caffeinated energy drinks to keep up.


Meet Carol

Carol first discovered Isagenix a year ago. Having been on a never-ending “merry-go-round of diets” herself and still without a long-term weight-loss solution, Carol thought she’d try the Cleansing and Fat Burning System. After drinking one IsaLean® Shake daily in place of a meal for a year,Carol dropped 22 pounds and felt greater energy. But her success didn’t stop there. At Christmas time, she buckled down and has since lost an additional 23 pounds. She recently got rid of her extra clothes that no longer fit and found two pairs of size 12 jeans buried in the back of her closet. It was the first time they’d fit in about a decade. “The nutritional element of Isagenix is unbelievable,” says Carol.


Meet Julie

It took everything Julie, mother of 5, had to muster up the courage to slip into a bathing suit and join her husband and his co-workers by the pool during a business trip to Mexico. She carefully chose just the right suit and walked down to meet everyone.

Then, the unthinkable happened. As she joined the group poolside, one of the women reached out, touched her belly and said “oh, you’re expecting a wee one”.

But she wasn’t. Soon after her poolside experience she learned about Isagenix®  and jumped right in and began the Cleansing and Fat Burning System. She was skeptical because she had previously failed at popular diets like Jenny Craig, LA Weight Loss, and others because they didn’t curb her hunger. Yet with Isagenix, she noticed a difference and knew it wasn’t a diet, but a lifestyle change.  

“I couldn’t believe how good I felt. The weight started coming off, I felt more energy and it was motivating to see the results,” says Julie, who lost 65 pounds. Finding Isagenix and losing the weight has not just changed my life, it has given me life.”


These are women just like YOU! They could have made their excuses but instead they created results. Don't go on wondering if you could have these results.

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