IMMUNE UP! Holiday Edition

MMUNE UP! Holiday Edition | Golda Smith

IMMUNE UP! Holiday Edition

The Busy Woman’s Guide to Staying Sane and Healthy During the Holidays

Here we are in full holiday mode, are you ready? Are you hosting holiday dinner or traveling? Whatever your answer is, chances are you are already feeling a bit of stress and I have news for you…

Black Friday hasn’t even hit yet!

The holiday season is an extremely busy time not just for holiday parties, travel and shopping but also for our immune systems that are being bombarded by cold and flu viruses. Let’s not forget the emotional stress that often surrounds this time of year.

If you are already feeling overwhelmed, on the edge, overworked and tired then this workshop is for YOU because adding insult to injury is the quickest way to end up with a diagnosis that you really don’t want.

Here’s what we’ll cover in this workshop:

What Is Stress?

What does it mean to be well?

What is the stress response?

What is allostatic load and how does it affect homeostasis?

How does stress affect us physically and emotionally?


Nutrition and Lifestyle Support for Stress

Do we have a second brain and if so, where is it located?

How does stress affect digestion?

What are some eating tips to help with digestion?

What are some foods that support stress, digestion and blood sugar?

How can exercise help manage stress and which ones should you do?

What’s beyond food and exercise?

What are some herbal remedies to support stress management?

Natural Remedies for Stress | Golda Smith

Come have a seat at the table with your sista friends. We’ll sip some tea, chat and make some herbal medicine…and take some home too!

Date November 18th 4-6pm

Seating is limited to 6-8 people

Location: My Kitchen


IMMUNE UP! Holiday Edition | Golda Smith


Golda is a Brooklyn resident, mom, Health Educator, self-taught cook and herbalist. She studies Herbal Medicine for Women with Dr. Aviva Romm.


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