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Why I Choose Isagenix

Why Isagenix! | Golda Smith | Fit Mommy Blog


I get asked ALL the time if I use Isagenix everyday and without a doubt my answer is always YES! I am a product of the product and I credit Isagenix to helping me feel better during a time when I literally felt my lowest, increasing my energy, recovering faster and feeling stronger after my workouts. There are many reasons why I choose Isagenix, let me share a few…

Reason #1- While it’s true that I love eating good food, I don’t always have the time or desire to sit and eat a meal. I’m a busy mom of two active middle schoolers as well as an entrepreneur. I wanted and needed convenience so when I did my research, I found the Isagenix meal replacement shakes most closely mimicked the nutrition I like to enjoy in my home cooked meals. With that being said, I want to emphasize that while these products are food, I also encourage my clients to eat a 400-600 calorie meal during their day…I know I do!

Reason #2- Although I don’t have any food allergies, my daughter does so I wanted products that were free of soy and GMO’s. ALL the Isagenix products are free of soy, artificial colors, flavors, GMO ingredients and are 99% gluten free. I feel confident knowing that I’m putting the best products into my body as well as my children.

Reason #3- Since 2002 when my daughter was born, I’ve been a work at home mother. Over the years, I’ve run a number of different businesses. When I started Isagenix, it was as a product user but over time I began to see the benefit of sharing the products with others while enjoying the generous income rewards.

These are the products I use daily and recommend:

Meal Replacement Shakes- I usually have Isalean Pro right after my workout and later in the day I’ll have an Isalean shake. French vanilla is my favorite flavor but the strawberry is a close second with the creamy dutch chocolate and plant based Vegan Berry powder being tied for third. I’m not ashamed to say that I usually use my finger to get ever drop out of my shaker cup. #NoShameInMyGame

Multi-Vitamin- While you should be getting most of your nutrients from your food, the truth is we’re NOT getting the necessary vitamins, minerals and anti oxidants our bodies require. Taking a good quality multi-vitamin in the morning and evening is that extra assurance that your body is getting everything it needs.

Isagenix Greens!- I do believe that you should get your nutrients from good quality whole foods. As a matter of fact I eat a huge green salad for lunch everyday; however, I know that with the way food is grown today, it’s nearly impossible to get everything the body needs and that’s where Isagenix Greens! fits in beautifully. Just one scoop gives you the recommended 3-5 servings of daily vegetables.

Ionix Supreme While 7-8 hours of sleep should leave you well rested and alert, I don’t always get that much rest. In addition, dealing with life’s daily trails can leave one stressed and that’s why I have 1 oz. first thing in the morning and lately I’ve added another ounce later in the day. I found that it has made a huge difference in my overall wellness by increasing my mental focus.

E+ Energy Shot- I NEVER do a leg day workout or go on a long run without drinking one of these. It gives me hours of energy and the boost I need to power through any workout without the awful crash at the end. It also has NO artificial flavors or sweeteners and only 35 calories…HELLO!

IsaDelights Plus– Seriously, what woman doesn’t like a good piece of chocolate? This is one that I can consume guilt free. These heavenly squares are infused with Green Tea Extract and the benefits are amazing. I always keep a stash hidden (from my children) and when I need something to help keep my cravings in check, I just pop one in my mouth.

Isalean Bars- Although I meal plan and prep every week, there are sometimes when all I want to do is snack on one of these meal replacement bars. Now I don’t eat these everyday but my son does! He LOVES them…his favorite is the Chocolate Decadence followed by the Lemon Passion Crunch. 

That’s it…everything I put in my body on a daily basis. Keep in mind that these are in addition to the food I prep and cook every week (which I usually share on Instagram).

Here is a testimonial from a happy client:

“Before Isagenix I was the heaviest I have ever been. At 5’1” and 162lbs, I was uncomfortable in my skin. I refused to purchase another size up in pants! I was also sluggish, depressed, and down on myself. I stopped working out and couldn’t find the motivation to get back at it. So far I’ve lost 12 lbs. I’m told my face looks slimmer and I’m noticeably thinner. More important than that… I’ve stopped eating in bed at night. I know what it means to be full. I eat healthy snacks and do not overeat. I’m back at the gym. I’m on the path to a healthy me.” -Danielle Trezek

If you would like more information on these or any of the other Isagenix products contact me here. Be sure to put Isagenix in the subject line. 







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