Happy Independence Day!!!

by golda on July 4, 2012

Good Morning and happy Wednesday – 

I started my day with a run in the park. It was raining but that didn't stop me. The rain also didn't stop the tons of people from claiming their spots in the park. I guess they want to make sure they have a great view for the fireworks tonight as well as grilling this afternoon…that's dedication!

If you live in the United States, today we are celebrating our Independence from England. For some people it's just a day off from work, an opportunity to sleep a little later than usual. For others, it's a reason to light up the grill. Yet for others, it's a time to remember and give thanks to those who have fought for our country.

If you are a veteran, I want to take this time to say thank you for your service! If you know a veteran, take a moment to say "Thank you".

It's also a great time for reflection and ask the question, what do you need independence from? Is it the feeling that you have to do it all by yourself? Whatever "it" is for you…let that go! Today is your opportunity to declare your independence from what is holding you hostage! Claim it, because it is yours.

To my friends in the U.S.A., happy Independence Day, enjoy the fire works, don't eat to much and remember to live joyfully.










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