Honda, Your Customer Service SUCKED!

by golda on July 12, 2012

When Too Much Information Is Bad For Business


By Golda Smith



I truly believe in the saying “if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all”. However, as a Social Media Manager I can’t bite my tongue on this one. Last week my sister asked me to take her car in for an oil change. No problem, I had the time and since I use her car whenever I need to, it’s the least I can do.
My appointment was for 8am and as usual I was right on time…which means I was early. While waiting to pull the car into the service lot, I was greeted by a very cheerful employee. It’s so heart-warming to see happy employees. Is it odd that I made that statement?
Anyway, I finally reach the front of the service line and was asked to step out of the car. I was told that it would be about a 2 hour wait for the oil change and was asked if I’d like a shuttle home. After I picked my jaw up, I responded that I would indeed like a shuttle home.
Here’s where it gets interesting!
The gentleman assisting me invited me into his office while he was getting my paper work together. Apparently, the day before, someone used his office and left it messy. Well, he was very liberal with the use of some not so nice words, if you get my drift. I’m thinking “HELLO, I’m sitting right here! I can hear you.”
Then he starts muttering about getting the video to see who used his office. Finally, I get my paperwork and I’m still waiting on this shuttle.
Ring, ring…his cell phone goes off and I can tell he’s not happy about taking the call and in a few seconds I hear why. Apparently his wife wants to know when he’s coming to see the kids. His voice is very stern and tense. He responds that his back is injured,
he shouldn’t even be at work, but he’s there to earn money for the family.
Have you EVER wished you could disappear? That’s exactly how I felt. I was trapped! Umm, where’s my shuttle?
He hangs up and starts complaining about her. So I do what I do best, I ask questions. I began to F.O.R.M. him. I discover that his marriage to his Italian-American bride was never going to work out, according to his Muslim mother. After many years of marriage I guess he’s finally agreed. His wife doesn’t respect him and she shows too much cleavage at family events.
She calls again and what surprises me is that he keeps taking her calls…three in total! Workers are coming in and out of the office and my shuttle still isn’t there. A little more than an hour after I stepped out of the car, he tells me “Your car is ready”. I’m elated to say the least. So now he walks me to the payment office, smiles at me, shakes my hand and tells me to have a great day. Seriously, no apology?
Wait, there’s more!
I’m waiting to pay my bill and the young lady behind the glass is having a personal conversation on her cell phone, which is sitting on her desk AND is on speaker. She never addresses me by name much less looks up at me during our exchange. WOW! I gotta tell you, the entire process left a sour taste in my mouth and I don’t like sour tastes. If I were a mystery shopper, they would have gotten a BIG fat F-. Is that even a grade? Better yet, what if I were the Undercover Boss?
Customer Service is an A-Z process
Customer service is something that everyone in your business should take ownership in. Do we have bad days? Absolutely but you handle it like a professional. The best part of my experience was last Friday was the greeting; it went downhill after that.
As I was driving home, my head was swimming. Would I tweet about it? Post this on their Facebook page? After all, social media is the first place we run to nowadays when we want to be heard. Well I didn’t do either. I figured I’d blog about it and IF the company is “listening” and monitoring their brand, they’ll hear about this story. So, Brooklyn Honda Plaza Auto Mall…get it together…and that’s all I have to say about that!
What’s your best customer service story? Please share it with us, we’d love to know.


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