How to Identify the Rock Stars Who Will Put Your Network Marketing Business on Steroids

by golda on June 25, 2010

In a previous article I identified the benefits of building a powerful core team of 20%ers. In this article I will talk with you about how you identify who those 20%ers are. There are 6 core competencies that a 20%er should possess and they are:

Being a self starter
A self starter is someone who you give direction to once and they are off and running. They don’t wait for you to call them and tell them what to do. They will take the initiative and get the job done what ever it is. A self starter will be out prospecting and getting on their leads on three way calls with their leaders without any prodding.

Having a clear vision and focus
Having clear vision will keep you focused on your end result. It is very easy to become discouraged and want to give up in this industry. Time get tough, very tough and you may sometimes feel like your back is against the wall and no one is the least bit interested in what you are saying or offering. The 20%er will put their vision if front of them and develop a razor sharp focus and keep going forward.

Belief in themselves and their business
In order to have long term success a 20%er knows that they must believe in themselves and in the products they represent. It is not enough to just be a mouth piece for a company because people join people first. You have to be that person that other people are attracted to. People are attracted to confident, self assured individuals. Is that you? If you are a 20%er, then the answer is unequivocally, YES!

The ability to influence and lead people
Leaders have to ability to influence and lead other people. You may be thinking to yourself that you wished you possessed this ability but the truth of the matter is that you can learn this skill, if you wanted to. First you need to make the decision that you want to and will be a leader and then to those things that leaders do. 20%ers have the ability to influence people thereby creating great momentum on their teams.

Have an intense work ethic
Have you ever wondered how some people who just don’t seem to be the smartest sometimes have the greatest success in network marketing? They are sometimes the one who are willing to work the hardest. 20%ers have a ridiculous work ethic. They get up earlier than most people and stay up later than others. They take shorter lunch breaks and make just one more phone call before heading back to work. They do intense focused marketing. They do what everyone else is doing and a little bit more.

Have a huge WHY!
Your why is what will keep you going to battle every day. It is what keeps you from quitting when no one shows up to your presentations and everyone quits but you. Your why is what keeps you doing what seems like insanity to outsiders looking in and thinking that you have lost your mind. The 20%er does not care what other people think because they have a gigantic WHY that keeps their head in the game long enough to see a huge return on their investment of time.

Now that you know the core competencies of a 20%er please also know this, if you want to attract and lead 20%ers, then you need to be a 20% yourself. As with most things in life, it is nothing but a decision on your part and then taking action.


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