After Hurricane Sandy

by golda on October 30, 2012

Happy Tuesday –

I just wanted to drop in today to let you know what’s going on in my world. I live along the east coast, NYC to be exact and Hurricane Sandy has left her mark! Down trees on cars and homes, flooded tunnels. Believe it or not the New York City transit system, the largest in the world is SHUT DOWN! No trains, no buses, no commuter rails.

In one neighborhood a few miles away 50+ homes were destroyed by fire. This is by far the worst storm to come this way in a long time. The thing I find interesting throughout this whole experience is how people react to the new of a coming storm.

Some people took it seriously and took precautions, such as getting their batteries and flashlights and getting somewhere safe. Others, went right out into the storm to take photos (I was watching them from the comfort of my home) and yet some choose to ignore the warnings, thinking it wouldn’t be that serious. These are the very ones who were stranded in the homes they refused to leave even though there were mandatory evacuations.

Here’s what I know for sure…it’s not IF the storm comes, but WHEN the storm comes how you respond will affect your recovery. Are you one to look at everything that is wrong or can you still go through the storm with a grateful heart? Thankful for the simple things like the beating of your heart or the breath in your body.

No matter how bad you have, there is always someone who has it worse!

I’m thankful that Sandy has moved on and although she left a HOT MESS and billions of dollars of damage behind, we still have today, this moment to make a decision that we will see the positive and move forward.

Have an amazing day!







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