Increase Your Network Marketing Income In 5 Steps

by golda on May 22, 2010

If you are like the majority of network marketers then you are probably facing the dreaded problem of not having enough leads. You do not have to worry any longer. If you follow these steps then you will be on your way to picking up more checks from your mailbox

Your Network
Your network equals your net worth. It’s not who you know, but what you do with who you know. Do these phrases sound familiar to you? Well it is true. When was the last time you took a look at your contact list? Even if they said no to you, did you ask for a referral? A simple question, “Oh, by the way Golda, who do you know who would be interested in an extra paycheck every month?” Ask this question every time and you are bound to get referrals, but you have to be consistent.

When asking for referrals remember to be genuinely interested in the person before you hit them up for names and numbers. These are people with wants and needs and you need to be sensitive to the fact that most people do not want to feel like they are your money tree.

Self Belief
In my opinion it all starts and end with belief in yourself. It is in the way you speak and carry you. The kind of people that you want to do business with are attracted to confidence. If you do not possess it, they can smell it a mile away and will never do business with you. You not only have to have self belief but also believe in the product that you represent. If you love your product then it should be easy for you to share that enthusiasm and love with your potential business partners and clients.

Rome was not built in 30 days, so why do you think that your business will start generating a five figure income in 30, 60 or 90 days? If you want to see success then you must remain focused on your end goal. You have to remain persistent and consistent. The great Og Mandino wrote in his classic The Strangest Secret in The World, “I will persist until I succeed”. We must have that same resolve if we are to achieve anytime type of success in life and in business.

Dress for Success
I don’t care if you are dropping the kids off to school and going back home. Put on some lip gloss, clean clothes, and for goodness sake comb your hair. Why? Because, you never know who will see you when you are out and you should always be prospecting when you are out and about. How would I look trying to recruit you for my business opportunity when I am looking a complete mess? I would look very unprofessional and not someone that you would probably want to imitate. Well that is exactly how your prospects look at you. Take pride in your appearance every time you leave your home.

Selectively Recruit
I’ve written about this before and it bears repeating. Everyone is not meant to be your business partner. You are building a business not a volunteer organization. With that in mind, be selective about the people that you allow into your business. What kind of people do you want to work with? What are their characteristics? Once you have identified these, then do yourself a favor and do not deviate from it. Remember, every corporation has their own hiring and firing standards and you should not be any different.

There you have it. My five steps to increasing your network marketing income. Is this list complete? No but it is a great start, so just get busy implementing these suggestions. If nothing else, you will look good and feel great.



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