Can’t We Get Along? Integrating Email and Social Media

by golda on May 24, 2012

Can't We Get Along? Integrating Email and Social Media

By Golda Smith

While listening to conversations on Twitter, Facebook and other sites, I keep seeing the same complaint over and over from my fellow Mompreneurs.
“I know I should be doing __________, BUT, I don’t have time”
What should they be doing? Blogging, regularly publishing an E-Newsletter, posting on Facebook and Twitter, interacting live with people on social media, shoot a video…basically executing the simple tasks that will allow them to connect with their audience.
So much money is being left on the table when we don’t pay attention to email and social media, especially when managing the two aren’t as hard as you think!
Despite what product or service you offer, you are a marketer first and you must have a marketing plan that keeps you in front of your audience. You may have heard that email marketing is NOT dead! Sure, some slick marketers want you to believe that’s true but it’s simply not.
Why Email is Still Relevant
Shocking but everyone doesn’t want to connect with you on social media. Some people will get on your email list because they want to be the first to know what’s happening in your business. They want to know about any specials, discounts or coupons you have to offer. Email is the perfect platform for you to share news with your audience first before sharing it on social media.
Make it Easy to Share and Connect
Aweber recently made changes so that you can now add your social media buttons to any email you send out. That’s HUGE! Think about it. If the average Facebook user has approximately 300 friends and I send my e-newsletter to 100 people if 10% share it on Facebook using the social media share buttons…my e-newsletter has the potential to reach 3000 people. Hmmm, you don’t have to be a math wizard to realize that you need to email your list and do so regularly.
Don’t limit your reach!
You can also ask people to share your emails with their friends. If you never ask the question, the answer is always no. Also, ask your readers to connect with you on social media. Simply adding your Facebook and Twitter buttons to your email may not be enough incentive to get people to click it. Invite them to come interact with you. You can also give an incentive, because people love to get free stuff.
Add an Opt-in Form on Facebook
Remember to use your online real estate to your advantage. Create a form that will allow people to get on your email list. It’s easy to do but if it’s just one more thing you don’t have time for, then have your Social Media Content Manager handle it.
Use Your Blog to Connect
I was shocked to discover a number of blogs and websites that have no way for their readers to connect with them via email. No opt in box. No “subscribe here”. No “get our updates”. Absolutely nothing! Once again, money is being left on the table.
When it comes to email and social media the question isn’t “should I be doing one or the other?” You should be doing BOTH email and social media because they work together perfectly. Use email to connect, build relationships and grow your social media status AND use social media to connect, build relationships and grow your email list.
How are you using email and social media? Leave me a comment below.


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