How Intimate Is Your Knowledge Of Your Target Market?

by golda on April 18, 2011

Whether you market online or off line, there is a common thread that binds us home based executives together and that is this, we must speak or clients ideal language if we want to build a profitable business. You may be scratching your head trying to figure this out. You may be having a wall kicking moment because try as you might, you still haven’t figured it out. Hopefully by the end of this article you will either have a better idea of their language or have a better idea of how to figure it out.
As of late, I find myself watching of all things infomercials, I mean really watching them. Studying them, what they’re saying, how they’re saying it, and the words they use. If you have ever purchased a product through an infomercial, think about that moment. What was it exactly that made you pick up the phone with credit card in hand screaming “I want that!”
Do you understand the psychology behind developing an infomercial? From beginning to end and everything in between it’s perfectly orchestrated mini docudrama. The words they use and the flow of each scene is designed to push the psychological triggers of their target market. When done successfully, you as the consumer can’t seem to help but run to your phone and order that thingamagig that you probably don’t need BUT felt compelled to purchase because it’s going to help you finally achieve that goal…whatever it is! In order to get into their head you MUST become your ideal client. You must think like your ideal client and you must be willing to do what you expect your ideal client will do.
Why are infomercials so profitable? They understand their target market and know how to speak their language…FLUENTLY. They aren’t looking for anyone who can fog a mirror. They want people who have identified a need and this need if not meet, will continue to cause terrible pain in their lives. Now let’s break down the basic components of an infomercial shall we?
  • Indentify the pain- (overweight, underinsured, facing foreclosure) they all start the same. The pain is identified and hammered into you so much that you almost feel bad for not finding this information sooner.
  • Life BEFORE this product- SUCKED!!!
  • Factual proof- The majority of the infomercial testimonial after testimonial of nothing but satisfied customers who after trying many other products FINALLY found the one that worked!
  • Call to Action- What do they want you to do? Usually something like this…Call NOW, limited supplies.
  • Risk Free Offer- You ever notice that there is always a bonus? Always!!!
  • Fear Of Loss- Limited supplies, special pricing if you ACT NOW
Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent every year on products purchased from infomercials. This is why I’ve been studying them, because the market research has already been done. Millions of dollars have been spent to identify the target market and their psychological triggers. I used to think that this was silly but the longer I watched I realized that half of my work has been done for me. I don’t have to be a professional copywriter and neither do you. I now sit with a pen and pad in hand taking copious notes. If you pay close attention you will find great copy for your marketing, after all if it worked for them then why not you?  
Whatever MLM product you market, it is important to understand these steps as you are marketing your product. Remember, people purchase based on emotions, so that crap that you’ve been taught about everyone being your ideal client is garbage and everyone within 3 feet of you is not worth your time. Infomercials aren’t marketing to everyone who lands on their channel and neither should you. Your job now is to identify the top infomercials in your niche and study them. You will find a wealth of information. By now I hope that you have identified at least one infomercial in your niche that you can dive into, you’ll never look at television again.



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1 Ryan Biddulph
Twitter: cashgiftingcrew
April 19, 2011 at 11:34 am

Powerful analogy Golda. Informercial makers master the art of making people go for impulse buys. They know the Why behind the act, why someone wants what they want. Get this down, you're set….and will make plenty of sales. Thanks!


2 Golda
Twitter: only1golda
April 19, 2011 at 4:44 pm

You got it Ryan! Know the WHY, learn HOW to speak the language and ENGAGE them. That is what Guy Kawasaki speaks about in his book Enchantment, I highly suggest it. Until next time…



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