The Journey of Me

by golda on July 11, 2011

The Journey of Me
By Brooke Brimm

I have been on a journey to fulfill my purpose since my junior year in high school. I started that journey in a part-time vocational program for Fashion Design. I fell into the program to dodge additional math courses and fell in love with designing with my hands. When Spring of Senior year approached, I began thinking of what I’d be doing with my life, and college entered my mind like a scarf blowing in the wind. I let the thought blow around, while I began working in a high end women retail store. The scarf whistled in the wind over the next three years. Instead of grabbing it and learning to make costumes, I dressed up in costumes everyday as a cocktail waitress in Atlantic City Casinos.
Eventually at the age of 22 I entered Fashion college and was very successful. I was so successful that I decided to change majors and schools to pursue my dream of helping people. Psychology was my new major and I continued on that path until I finished a Master’s in Professional Counseling and nearly completed a second Master’s in Educational Research. From there I got into the professional world as a Program Evaluator in HIV Prevention & Children’s Mental Health. There I was crunching numbers, reading journals, writing reports, communicating with clients, attending conferences, sitting in meetings, meetings, and more meetings. I had my education, I had a career, I had made it, and I felt like I wasn’t fulfilling my purpose. I didn’t feel like I was helping anyone. I was a highly educated cog in a machine.

Along this journey I had gotten married and had two children. I was not only a cog, I was a guilty slave. Couldn’t stay too late at work, so I couldn’t get promoted as quickly as single men and women, didn’t have enough time with my family, always felt guilty and that I was trying to overcompensate with external things. I didn’t know who I was and how I had gotten there!

To regain my sense of self and purpose I began writing affirmations. I wrote things into my life the way I wanted them to be. I wrote them as though I already had them. One of those things was creative outlet. The affirmations began taking shape in my life. I went back to designing, but instead of fashion it was jewelry. I began designing pieces and selling them at work and to friends. Started feeling like me again.

Another affirmation was being a present and attentive wife and mother. My job could not co-exist with me being a present and attentive wife and mother, so after trying all kinds of creative scheduling and work options I quit. A little voice had been telling me for months that I should be going. I began taking things out of my office, selling off company stock, and using all my personal time. One day I just gave my notice and left, it felt like a shock at the time, but now I realize that I had been lining up to do it for months.

I spent the next 6 years working with my husband in our business and was able to homeschool our two children for three years, adding another little member to our family. I’ve continued to design jewelry and have developed an aesthetic and business that I’m very proud of

Okay, so what happened to helping people? Did I just give up on that dream? No! Working with my husband allowed me the space to keep my dreams going. I started writing, blogging, creating, and speaking. My purpose became clearer and clearer to me. I am here to help women have easier and happier lives. I do it by making bath and body products that I sell. I do it by buying and designing reasonably priced jewelry. I do it by editing an online magazine designed to help women be in and stay in loving and lasting relationships.

What I’ve learned from this journey is that it is important to keep walking. No matter what others may think of you or expect from you, the most important thing is that you find your path and keeping walking it to find your corner of the sky.

Brooke Brimm has been married since 1993, and is very happy today. She and her husband have three children. Ms. Brimm has a Master's degree in Professional Counseling and has worked in the field of Human Science for 8 years, and has co-owned an advertising agency with her husband for 6 years. She’s the author of Love’s Gumbo: Ingredients for a Loving and Lasting Relationship.



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