When Your Kids Are Jealous of Your New Relationship

by golda on October 27, 2011

When Your Kids Are Jealous of Your New Relationship
By Golda Smith
Do you remember the last time you began a new relationship oh, the butterflies and fireworks. It’s very exciting! You can’t wait to see each other and when you do you spend all your time together. Now when you have children and you start a new relationship, you have to tread lightly.

How and when do you introduce your children to your new love?
I’m not talking about a man, I’m talking about the relationship we have when we start a new business. The home based business industry, particularly the network marketing industry teaches this warp sense of devotion that we must give to our business. It’s like all or nothing.
Ask most mom’s why they decided to get started in their network marketing business and the number one response is “because I want to make more money to take care of my children”. Their children are their “why”. Sadly, it’s the children that often suffer because mommy is terrible with her life and time management.
We’ve been taught, by leaders in our companies, that you must practically live on your phone, talk to everyone within three feet of you, share the opportunity with anyone that breaths because everyone needs what you’re selling.
Have you ever done that! How on earth did it make you feel? Tired and frustrated I bet. Furthermore, you still have a job and children and a home to care for. If you’re like many moms’ I speak with, you’re phone is nearby during dinner and heaven forbid it rings…you answer it, you just can’t help yourself.
Meanwhile, your children are jealous and may be developing resentment because it seems that mommy is more focused on her new lover than she is with them. So what’s the solution?
Show them respect- Depending on how old your children are I suggest that you have a conversation about your desire to begin a business. Explain why and what your goals are for your business.
Manage your time- This is so huge! You have to get very real with your life and time management. This is a business and ALL businesses have office hours, yours is no different. Anyone that visits my blog and goes to my contact page will see my office hours. When you reach my voice mail, I let you know when you can expect a return call. Stop interrupting dinner time with your family to answer business calls!
When you’re with your family…BE with them, physically, mentally and emotionally. The same respect that you give to your business is the same respect that you must give your children. In my home, from the time I pick my chocolate drops up from school until bedtime it is family time. Sundays are family time, that means no work, no business calls. We have fun, lay around in pj’s, go to the park, watch cartoons, play cards…just be. When we’ve spent that time together, they know that mommy loves them.
Are your actions showing your children that you love them?
Get them involved in the business- If the kids are your “WHY” then make them a part of the process. Allow then to see you work. Let them help where they’re able to. For example, let them put the mailing labels on products that you’re shipping out to customers or practice your trainings with them as potential prospects. Don’t over think it, just make it fun.
Jealous feelings arise when one person feels that something or someone more important is taking our place and children are no different. If you are feeling like a chicken with her head cut off working to build your home based business please know that it’s not healthy and you don’t have to. There’s a much better way to build your business in a way that honors you and your children.
There are so many tools to assist you in automating as much of your business as you like that you shouldn’t ever have to feel that tasks are getting done…embrace them.
Remember that you’re not just selling a product but you’re selling a lifestyle. Is your lifestyle one that will have people excited to emulate? If your children are miserable then the answer is no! However, if you have your priorities in place then there is no reason for your children to ever feel another ounce of jealousy over your new relationship and it’s amazing how much you’ll accomplish.



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1 Jeanie@Facebook Templates October 27, 2011 at 10:52 am

Probably, the most difficult part will be the last one, when we need to involve children in business) It can be not very easy to do as it sounds)


2 Golda
Twitter: only1golda
October 27, 2011 at 12:43 pm

It’s as easy as we make it for our individual lifestyle. My point is to help them feel that they are part of the process. Thanks for the comment.


3 Karylle Lynch November 14, 2011 at 6:05 am

I definitely agree in involving your kids in your online business. Let them help. This will make them feel that they are not left out, and that they can take responsibility.This could also be a good start on their future marketing career. Though, let them only handle the small tasks and don't expect too much from them. :). 


4 Tracy Ann December 2, 2011 at 1:44 am

One reason kids are jealous is their time with you will be wasted at others. Kids wanted to have full attention every now and then. Although if you have new relationship, explain to them the reason why!


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