Live The Source- The New Kid On The Block

by golda on April 26, 2010

There are currently over 200 network marketing companies that offer nutritional products and Live The Source is one of the latest. The company’s vision is two-fold.  First, they want to create unique, pure, high quality, healthful lifestyle products using cutting edge scientific technology, and second to offer an opportunity to fulfill dreams by affecting positive change and life-long healthy transformation, helping people to be better physically, spiritually, and financially.


Founder, chairman and CEO Ted Farnsworth, has been I direct sales for a number of years. He was the founder and CEO of at least two other companies prior to founding Live The Source. Along with his four co-Founders, they each bring their areas of expertise which include successful business backgrounds and years of expertise in the marketing of nutracenticals through direct sales.

Business Opportunity

The fierce competitive nature of the nutritional business would require any distributor in this company to quickly identify and develop their brand then begin focusing on their niche market. Like many other companies with the direct sales model, Live The Source distributor’s will have to focus on recruiting and retail sales in order to achieve their dream of financial independence. In the initial stage distributors are asked to order a minimum of 3 bottles of product and commit to a 3 bottle auto-ship, in addition to other startup expenses such as marketing materials and their personalized web page.


Live The Source products are formulated using pure herbal and natural ingredients combined with All Natural Patented Nanotechnology™. Only natural plant lipids are the basis for the nano-encapsulation, this ensures the compounds dissolve gradually giving a continual release of the vitamins, minerals, and herbal compounds. The premier product offered by the company is DailySource, an all natural nano-encapsulated multi-vitamin, mineral and herbal supplement.  The particle size of the various compounds is small enough to be absorbed into the body cells with maximum efficiency.

Although Live The Source has world class leadership, the company has been around for less than a year so they have a ways to go before we can tell if the product stands up to all the hype. Is this product good for business or will it fall by the wayside? Only time will tell. Right now, with the economy as it is, will people be willing to shell out $48 for a bottle of juice? We will have to wait and see.



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1 Wayne Miller January 21, 2012 at 10:41 pm

I talked with a friend today about LTS… a friend I really trust… and she tells me she's killing it with LTS.  Hmmmmmmmm………  


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