I Know We Just Met But Will You Marry Me?

by golda on March 8, 2010

For those of you that are married, what would you have said to your spouse if they posed that question the first time you met them. You’d have probably thought they were insane, excused yourself by saying you had a sudden emergency and fled the scene of the crime. Now you may think my example is extreme but many of the marketers on these various social networking sites commit these offenses every day. From the first time they meet you, they are throwing their business opportunities at you. It goes something like this…”Hi, I just got involved with the best business opportunity. No selling, no cost to get involved, and we have the BEST payout. Email me at me@Iamdesparate.com if interested”. WOW, and sometimes they don’t even say hi. You might be laughing right now but I am serious and you know it’s true because although YOU would never do this, you have been proposed to many times. Why would I join your business without knowing anything about YOU? That’s right, YOU. People don’t join your business because you asked them to, they join because they trust you. They join your business because they like you. They join you because you have taken the time to nurture a relationship with them and now they know you. The obstacle for some people is that they don’t know how or don’t care to take the time to build that relationship.

There are basically 4 reasons why marketers go for the speedy marriage proposal.

  • Lack of quality leads
  • Lack of training
  • Lack of duplication
  • Lack of income

Achieving success in MLM is a matter of doing a few things consistently. They include attracting quality leads and developing a brand. Marketing yourself online is the total opposite of marketing yourself offline. Offline, you can go after prospects in the traditional manner that most of us have been taught but online it’s all about getting your leads to start beating down your door. Why would they do that you may ask? They will because you have developed your brand where you have something of value to offer. Once you understand that YOU, not your opportunity, are the catch half of the battle will be won.



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