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by golda on March 11, 2010

What Are You Feeding Yourself?

This article could be summed up in one sentence. Successful people practice success habits and unsuccessful people don’t. I think that we are here because we want to win. Win in business, win in our personal lives, win in our finances.But let’s keep it real. If you want to win, are you practicing the habits that will raise you to a level higher than you are now? Growing up my mother always used to say “You can lead a horse to the water but you can’t make him drink”. What you think about yourself will determine your habits. Your habits, whether they are good or bad, will determine your future. We have all the tools available to accomplish almost anything we desire to whether it’s managing our finances, losing weight, or generating massive leads in our business leads; however, if we fail to be COACHABLE who are we hurting? Coachable simply means following the guidance of someone who has done what you are trying to accomplish. A couple weeks ago I was on a jammed packed conference call with a leading authority on writing blogs and she shared some powerful information on how to create an eye catching blog. Anyone who wants an amazing to die for blog would just follow her advice right? Here’s the thing, although we had a sold out crowd, and though many people purchased her course only a handful will follow her advice. I guarantee that they are some who will prove to themselves why it doesn’t work, and so, they are correct. It won’t work because that is what they have chosen to believe. What are you feeding yourself? Who are you listening to and why? The successful people will be the ones who simply execute the play that the coach has called…period! The successful people will be the ones who do this consistently….period!  The successful people will be the ones who each and every day feed themselves positive, healthy habits…period!



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