Network Marketing Success- How to Advertise Outside the Box

by golda on July 21, 2010

As network marketers our first task is to get leads. Let’s face it, no leads, no new prospects. No prospects equals no checks and since money only comes from one place and that’s people, then we constantly need to market so that we attract new leads. However, this is exactly where the majority of network marketers fail and fail miserably. The purpose of this article is to give you some marketing ideas that you might not have thought of otherwise.

The first idea that I would like to share with you is so easy to duplicate that it is almost scary. It is what my mentor and business partner calls mobile classified. If you want your phone to start ringing within the next hour then follow this. Go to your nearest office supply store and have an ink stamp made with whatever message you want. Then get a stack of Post Its, that’s right Post Its. Stamp the Post Its with your ink stamp and then place your Post Its in any high traffic area. Some suggestions: bus stops, train stations, ATM machines…you get the point. This strategy is perfect for those of us on a seriously tight budget. The investment should be around $35 dollars.

The second idea is the use of drop cards. I’ve talked about this before and again this is easy to duplicate. Now you want to make sure that the drop cards you use are of great quality for this to work. Make sure that you have a really eye catching message on there, something that peaks the curiosity of the reader. My favorite is “The #1 Home Based Business…Period”. Place the website of your primary business. Some places where you can use these are: the credit card slot at gas pumps, books in the library or bookstore, newspaper stands, pre-paid return envelopes from junk mail, airplane magazines, at a restaurant (use this ONLY if you leave a nice tip).

Yet another marketing idea would be the use of postage stamps. For those of you who still use them, this is a great and inexpensive way to brand and market yourself. You have the ability to make and print your own postage stamps so why not take advantage of that and make your own little advertisement. The holiday season is just around the corner so you have tons of opportunities to slap your stamp on a card or letter and have it seen.

For those of you with children or know people with children, every year most schools produce a yearbook and need they need advertisers to pay for ad space. Most times, the investment should be no more than $40. Talk about a perfect opportunity to have your brand seen by hundreds of people. The plus to this is that everyone keeps their yearbook; I still have my high school yearbook.

Those are some very simple and creative ideas to use can use to produce network marketing success. Not only are these ideas inexpensive but they are easy to duplicate and part of having success in network marketing is being able to duplicate your efforts. Happy marketing!



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