The Oprah Effect: Lessons For Network Marketing Professionals and Those That Want To Be

by golda on May 23, 2011

The Oprah Effect: Lessons For Network Marketing Professionals and Those That Want To Be
By Golda Smith
Wednesday May 25th 2011 is the final showing of the Oprah Winfrey Show. After 25 years, Lady O is giving her final bow as the Queen of Daytime Talk Show. I can honestly say that I will miss her show. I grew up watching her and had a lot of laughs and shared many, many tears.
There are some people that don’t give a crap about all the news of her departure from daytime t.v., that’s their prerogative. I really don’t care that she is on every cover of her own magazine (one of my favorites). What I do care about is what she has done to better the lives of people all over the world. What I love about Oprah is how she almost seamlessly built this powerhouse of a brand. That brand has created a number of wealthy people and has birthed and revived many businesses.
WHAT exactly is it about this woman? HOW did she manage to enchant women and men….black, white, Asian, young, old, rich, poor, baptist, catholic, atheist, snooty, redneck and everything in between? Even people who can’t stand her, respect her! She started with very humble beginnings on a morning talk show in Chicago before being offered her own talk show. In the beginning, she lived her private life very much in the public, Stedman this and Stedman that. It was enough to make me want to choke on my own vomit. Then there was her never ending battle to find quick weight loss success. Do you remember the show when she wheeled a wagon of fat onto the stage to represent how much weight she lost?
That was a bit over the top BUT it was those moments and many others that made her seem like a “real” person. Like someone you or I could relate to, sit down and have a “girlfriend” conversation with and laugh or cry. That’s her appeal or at least the way I see it. Oprah has been herself and no one else over the last two decades. As a result, people have flown across continents to either sit in her audience or on her couch. That is enchantment!
If you’re a network marketer or direct sales professional, it would behoove you to study everything you can about Oprah. How do you create the cult following that she has? How do you attract new business partners and or loyal customers for your products or services? Why would someone put so much faith in one person when trying to find and follow their own path? They have to believe in you, in your cause. People are attracted to people before they are ever attracted to your business or products. I’ve seen so many people on the internet building false personas. Trying to imitate the “gurus”, I don’t necessarily blame them because at times it seemed like the blind leading the blind. This is what I’ve come to realize though, the people who are having success be it moderate or wild…however you define that, have learned how to enchant their followers. They don’t feed them any hype. They don’t show up one way one facebook, put on their business face on linkedin and then have their third personality show up on their blog. They are rather consistent in how they present themselves.
They also care more about their clients and business partners than they do about their own personal gain. They really do! When you show up for work are you thinking about how much money you NEED to make that week to pay your bills or are you thinking “how can I serve my customers?” Do you ask yourself “How can I help my business partners reach the next level in their business?” That’s the sign of a leader and someone who will get to the top of their game if they stick with it long enough.   
Here’s another point that has made Oprah a success and you should definitely copy this. Wait for it….She has always surrounded herself with a team of brilliant people. Are you still trying to do this by yourself? How’s that working for you? Are you the type of person who honestly believes that no one could do things as effectively or as perfectly as you? If so, I’m here to tell you that you’re headed for a nervous breakdown or at least a long and frustrating entrepreneurial journey. Stop the madness and get your team together. If your time be better spent if you hired a virtual assistant then do so. Do you have a mentor? I certainly do! This one tip alone could cut your learning curve by years.  
Well there you have it, some of my Oprahisms…I just made that up J. Let’s review:
  • Be enchanting
  • Be consistent with your message at ALL times
  • Care more about your people than your personal gain
  • Work with a team
  • Have a mentor
How will you make your mark in your business? What will you stand for? Are you fully invested or is the sand in the hour glass almost up? Don’t commit network marketing suicide by working half heartedly or by giving up to soon. Be who you are, who you were designed to be and let that shine. You’ll attract exactly who you were meant to and then some.



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