What To Say To Your Prospects When They Call

by golda on July 30, 2010

What To Say To Your Prospects When They Call

By Golda Smith


As network marketers we know that the only way to stay in business is to sell more products or by bringing more people into our business. We bring more people into the business by recruiting more people and we recruit more people by getting leads. Now we understand this intellectually; however, many very bright people still have a very challenging time with this part of the equation.

You spend hours on your marketing. You go into your back office and you see that you have leads, and then you break out in a cold sweat. Your mind starts racing and suddenly you find yourself creating the most dramatic story of what could go wrong. Very irrational, don’t you think? Well, this in article we are going to go over exactly what you should say to your prospects when they call, because they will.

Before your prospects call, you need to get your mind right. Before you figure out what to say to your prospect, you need to figure out what you are saying to yourself. If you have uncertainly then trust me, your prospect can hear it in your voice. Remember, people are attracted to leaders. So how do you project that, especially when on the phone? You have to have something called posture. I’m not just referring to how you stand, but also the words you use and they manner in which you deliver your message.

How do you maintain posture on the phone? Well you must always maintain control of the conversation. So let’s practice. Ring, ring…

You (Leader): Hello, this is ______

Prospect: Yes, I saw an ad for a business opportunity. What is this about?

You (Leader): Great question. What’s your name?

Prospect: Oh, my name is ________. What company is this?

You (Leader): _________, those are great questions but we are not at that point yet. This is an interview and I need to qualify you for my time. Now we can continue the conversation or we can end it right now. What would you like to do? Do you understand what just happened?

You maintained control of the conversation. The moment you start answering a bunch of questions, you have lost control and that prospect is off to the next.

Now this is how a rookie would have handled that call. Ring, ring…

You (Rookie): Hello Prospect: Yes, I saw an ad for a business opportunity. What is this about?

You (Rookie): Well, I am with XYZ Company and we sell _________

Prospect: Do I have to sell anything?

You (Rookie): Well, we teach you how to do everything and it’s very easy.

See the difference? You lost control of the conversation and lost the respect of your prospect. Before you answer another call, you have to develop your posture and here is why. It shows that you are a leader. People are attracted to and will follow other leaders. Next, it positions you as an expert in your field and not a sales person. People don’t like to be sold but they will happily buy if they see the value. What are you selling on this call? You are selling yourself.

Finally, having posture will allow you to guide them through your funnel system on your terms. So the next time your phone rings and a prospect asks you some crazy question like, “how much will I get paid?” Simply say, “You know, I don’t think you have the qualities that I am looking for, thank you for calling



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