Ray Higdon Interviewed by Golda Smith

by golda on August 24, 2010

Have You Seen This Guy?

Ray Higdon is everywhere! In under 24 months he has become a 6 Star (the top) in Numis Network, top income earner, won every company trip and last but not least was given the keys to a 2011 brand spanking new silver 7 series BMW. Who does this guy think he is? Superman perhaps? Well I can assure you that he is not.

Like many of you, Ray Higdon has failed a few times but the difference is that he never gave up on himself.  He always got up and kept it moving. Humble and hard working I can tell you right now that Ray is always willing to assist a team mate with a three way call, training, or presentation, whether they are on his team or not. One thing that I’ve learned from him is that you need to act like leader that people want to follow.

In this video Ray shares just a snippet of what has gotten him to 6 Star position.

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