Back to School, Shifting Gears & Business as Usual

by golda on August 20, 2012

Back to School, Shifting Gears & Business as Usual

Golda Smith


It’s that time of year! Some children are back in the classrooms and others are gearing up for another fun filled year of math, reading and science projects that parents will probably spend more time working on than we care to. My kids don’t start until after Labor Day.

This summer was the longest that I’ve EVER been separated from my chocolate drops…50 days to be exact! During the summer most work at home parents slow down their business activities or take a vacation all together because of, you guessed it, the kids. They can’t stay focused on business activities with the kids around or their customers aren’t interested in doing business or a number of other reasons. As a single parent, that’s not even an option for me. Seriously, if I worked an office job could I tell me employer “Sorry boss but my children are out of school and I can’t work”? I don’t think so!

If anything, this was a perfect time for me to keep focused when others slacked off and although I did miss my babies, I was happy for the time apart. I allowed myself to sleep late, not cook unless I absolutely had to and read for hours. I also maintained my business tasks like writing and submitting proposals, connecting with my audience on social media and work with clients. You see, while some people completely disconnected from social media and their business, I was still there and guess what? People noticed!

If you don’t think people are watching what you’re doing, think again. Your potential customers and business partners are checking you out. They’re looking for consistency and to build a relationship with you. They want to know that you are the professional you present yourself to be. That means showing up even when you don’t want to and with a smile. It means giving it your best, no excuses.

Some people would think that it was simple for me to do so with my children gone however; even when they’re here I maintain a schedule that allows me to get work done AND spend time with them. You see, my family is higher on the priority list than work is and I don’t sacrifice time with them for anything or anyone.

The funny thing is that after they returned from their fun filled vacation I found that I had to remind myself to get up and fix breakfast or at least supervise the preparation. This morning I had to remember that it was hair day, which meant it was wash, condition, blow dry and braid my daughter’s hair…a 3 hour job! Thank goodness it’s only once a week and it may be a task to outsource soon.

So as we start our first full week with the kids back at home, I’m ready for what will come. I tend to work better when they are around. That’s probably because I have to use my time wisely. In any case, this mom is grateful to have her chocolate drops back and grateful for a growing business that I can work anywhere I choose.

Whether in business or home life, how are you re-adjusting at this time of year? Stop by Facebook and let me know how I can assist you during this transition. I can’t wait to see you!



Golda Smith is a single mom who is building her “Business From The Kitchen Table” working with Fitness and Wellness Experts to put more muscle in their social media marketing. She has a new report to you to help build your fitness business through social media. Get started NOW!





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