Social Media and the 2012 Olympic Games

by golda on August 2, 2012

Social Media and the 2012 Olympic Games

Golda Smith

I totally live for the Summer Olympic Games! How about you? Ever since I was a little girl my favorite events have been gymnastics, diving and track and field. My earliest memory was the 84 Summer Olympic Games and the mega watt performance of Mary Lou Retton in women’s gymnastics. Carl Lewis and Flo Jo with her oh so fly fashion. My, how times have changed.
Back in the day, you sat in front of your television set and watched your favorite events or you got your updates via the newspapers or radio…that’s it! Today in 2012, we have a totally different way of communicating.  
With a platform like Twitter, you can have a personal conversation with your favorite athlete in front of millions if not billions of people and you just may get a response. Make a comment on Facebook and you’ll be joined with thousands of other fans celebrating medals won or lost.

Some things that they’re doing right

If you’ve seen any of the promos for the games, you’ll notice that the viewers are asked questions and are invited to join the conversation on Facebook. Are you engaging your audience and inviting them to speak with you on your Facebook page?
Throughout the games and several times per day Tweets are sent and posts are made on Facebook consistently. Granted, there is no shortage of information to share but what I want to point out is the consistency. Do you also realize that Twitter is only six years old? We’ve also seen an athlete get expelled from the games for making what was described as racist tweets against a fellow athlete. Unfortunately, that’s the ugly side social media.  Freedom of speech but not when it’s meant to hurt others.
Anyway, what’s your plan for sharing information on social media? If you’re posting once or twice a day, that’s not enough. Maybe that’s sufficient on your personal page; however on your Like page, you’ll want to increase that to about 3-4 updates per day.

How are people connecting?

The number of people getting updates and even watching the games on their mobile devices has increased significantly. People want to take their games on the go, whether on their tablets or their phones, people aren’t tied to their television sets like they were in 1984. How can you use this information for your business? Think about it. For one thing, if you’re a blogger, you need to make sure that your blog is formatted to be read on mobile devices. For another thing, apps, apps, apps! They are starting to rule and we are moving to an app driven culture. Have you checked in on Foursquare yet to let people know where you are? I’ve seen businesses use Foursquare as part of their marketing plan to increase connections and therefore increase their profits.
I wonder how the 2016 Olympic Games will be shaped by social media in the next for years. What changes will be made and how will people choose to communicate with each other? Until that time gets here, I will continue to enjoy the games right now. What’s your favorite event? Come on over to my Facebook page and let us know. I shared mine now it’s time to share yours. I can’t wait to see you there.


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