Social Media Marketing Tip #16-Trick Out Your Aweber Opt In Form

by golda on October 7, 2010

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One thing I love about my children’s school is that they wear uniforms. Everyone looks the same for the most part and it’s easy on my budget. That uniformity isn’t always what’s needed, especially when we talk about branding ourselves. We do some many things so that we stand apart from others. We color our hair, get funky tattoos, drive fancy cars, you get the point. Sometimes it’s hard to blend in and why should you. Well today, I’m going to show you how to take your Aweber form from drab to fab. Nothing complicated, just takes a few clicks of the mouse. How do I do this? Well you have to watch the video to find out.


Now that you know how to add your own special touch to your Aweber opt in form, spread the word with some comment love. Have a phenomenal day and I’ll see you on the next post 🙂



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1 Peter Chapman October 8, 2010 at 6:14 am

Hi Golda
I have never thought of this before. So thank you for posting this. A really good way to make your aweber forms unique.
Your approaches are really refreshing and I will definitely return.
Thanks and best wishes



2 goddess
Twitter: only1golda
October 9, 2010 at 12:26 am

Thank you Peter. I’m glad you enjoyed that one. Until next time….


3 Mandee Widrick - Social Media Manager October 9, 2010 at 12:07 am


That’s a pretty nifty trick right there! I just recently signed up for an Aweber account but sadly I haven’t yet taken the time to get it all figured it. My trial ran out the other day so I’m paying for it now, which means I really need to get in there and start making it work for me. Would love to pick your brain sometime and learn how you use it for your business.



4 goddess
Twitter: only1golda
October 9, 2010 at 12:48 am

Mandee, those trial periods are great…when we max out our opportunity. Aweber has some great training videos. I use the opt in forms mostly on my blog as well as on facebook. I hope that answers your question but if not, feel free to ask me again. Until next time…


5 kareem williams October 10, 2010 at 10:17 pm

Wow Golda that was hot hot hot! I never knew how to do that and because of you now i do. thanks a million Golda


6 goddess
Twitter: only1golda
October 11, 2010 at 1:50 am

Hi Kareem! You are very welcome my friend, now go forth and build that list 🙂



7 Deb Augur October 12, 2010 at 7:50 pm

Hi Golda,

That’s a great tutorial. Very clear and easy to follow. The end result was very nice, too. It’s always good to make something your own by design! And the more you can make your opt in noticeable the better. Colors, backgrounds, title fonts, images… eye candy… all helps draw attention and usually helps greatly with conversion.

A lot of people are afraid to mess around with forms of any kind, including an opt in form. I hope your video shows them how easy Aweber makes it. I don’t use Aweber, but some of my clients do. People could save money by learning these things for themselves.


8 goddess
Twitter: only1golda
October 12, 2010 at 9:24 pm

Welcome to my blog Deb! Thank you for that very well crafted comment, I couldn’t have said it better myself. It’s all about branding, branding, branding. Any opportunity that you have to put your stamp on it then go for it. Until next time….


9 karin October 12, 2010 at 11:28 pm

Hi Golda, I love your tips. This one is no exception. It is so important to have an opt-in form that stands out. You showed an easy and unique way to accomplish that fact. Thank you so much for doing it. As always, I am looking forward to your next tip!


10 goddess
Twitter: only1golda
October 13, 2010 at 2:26 pm

Hi Karin, it’s always great to see you here! I love your comments. As you stated, it’s so important to stand out every opportunity that you can. Until next time…


11 Dagmar Brewig October 18, 2010 at 11:05 am

HI GOlda, I just found you rblog today and I am very happy to be here!
This was a VERY useful trick!
It does make a difference it the optin form stand out from the crowd! THanks for sharing that valuable tip!

Have a wonderful week!


12 Golda Smith October 20, 2010 at 12:23 am

Hi Dagmar! I’m glad that you found my blog as well. This is a very simple but effective way to further brand yourself. Glad that you found this useful. See you soon…


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