Social Media Marketing Tip #8

by golda on September 14, 2010

Last week my baby celebrated his 6th birthday! Oh my goodness, how time has flown. I can remember when I first saw him on the monitor in the hospital, no bigger than a peanut. A few months later I’m holding this precious jewel in my arms. Now, he’s reading on a 1st grade level, running, jumping, playing on the computer, helping to clean up. Growth, it’s a beautiful process and it is that process that I talk about on today’s video, check it out.

I don’t know when your harvest will be ready but I do know that if you don’t plant those seeds, they won’t grow. What do you have to say? I’d love to read your comments. Got some value from this? Please retweet and share with your social networks. See you tomorrow 🙂



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