Tips To Building Profitable Relationships In Your Network Marketing Business

by golda on April 11, 2011



How do you build a successful mutually beneficial relationship? Always give value first! I wish people would get this point but time and time again I keep seeing folks turn people off because they are constantly leading with their business opportunity. It the same on and off line, lead with value, even if you are brand new to the business world. You may be brand new to the home based business industry or to network marketing or have never made more than $500, it doesn’t matter.

One of the many rewards of building and having a great relationship with the people you do business with is that you are building your list. Oh, the list. The money is NOT in the list, it’s in the relationship that you have with that list! Understand this and you will avoid some common mistakes made by rookies.

If you are building your business online, that’s great; however, you still need to pick up that little fancy gadget called the telephone and let the person on the other end know that you are human. If you want success in this business, you have to master the art of building a relationship with your prospects and that comes in the form of….providing value. I heard one of my mentors say “the marketplace pays for value and the only thing that determines your value is your skills. Your cyber friends need to see you as someone they can trust. Get away from the selfish desire to be self serving. You have to get into the mindset of helping as many people get what they want and need. Only then will you be able to actualize the success that you desire.

In the book Crush It, Gary Vaynerchuk talks about a concept called the lure and the lasso. Simple but powerful concept and if you get this then your almost there to getting what you want. You have to lure people to you. How do you do this? Simple…give them what they want. You create content, spark discussions that draw them to you. The other half of the equation is to lasso your target market. To lasso is to draw closer to you. You do this by engaging in meaningful conversation. That’s where your blog comes in along with sites like facebook and twitter. What do I mean draw closer? When you create valuable content people will surely comment. Your next step is to comment back and ask and open ended question. Are you starting to get it? That’s the lasso. Get them to engage with you, that’s why you always want to respond to every comment that comes to your blog. That’s building a relationship!  

Don’t get on all these social networking sites with the sole intent of collecting as many friends as you can just so you can get them into your groups and email them to death. Post some positive affirmations. Leave comments of their walls. Let them know that you care, and of course you can post about your business once in a while. Do this and I guarantee people will start to open up to you and let you know how you can help them, they will seek you out. You have built your Network, now you have to Work your net. Remember, that Rome was not built in one day.
 Golda Smith is a single mom who is building her "Business From The Kitchen Table" and enjoys working with other moms to get them into the happy zone and living the lives they were meant to live! She has a FREE report entitled “5 Ways To Talk To People Without Picking Up The Phone”. Don’t listen to another dial tone, get this NOW!



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1 Ryan Biddulph
Twitter: cashgiftingcrew
April 11, 2011 at 4:20 pm

Great mention of Gary V, Golda. His Thank You style makes him successful. Some forget that the list they're building is full of living, breathing people. Connect, connect, connect, and you will prosper wonderfully in this business. Thanks for sharing!


2 Golda
Twitter: only1golda
April 13, 2011 at 9:15 am

Hi Gary, I am a big fan of Gary V as well. His energy is enchanting and that helps make him successful. Here’s to connecting…



3 Gerri Stechschulte
Twitter: gerristeck
April 12, 2011 at 12:20 am

Hi Golda, Building relationships the correct way in social networking is of most importance. Thanks for the info.


4 Golda
Twitter: only1golda
April 13, 2011 at 9:17 am

Hi Gerri! Great to see you here. Indeed, if more people used social media the fun way, they would have more satisfying relationships and profitable business’s. Glad that you like the information. Until next time…



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