5 Simple Tips For a Virtual Assistant To Find Your First Paid Client

So you want to be a virtual assistant. You have a computer, internet access and a strong desire to work from home. The only problem is…you have no idea how to get your first client.
Sure you've heard the term and it sounds great, but you ask yourself if you have what it takes to be a virtual assistant. What exactly does a virtual assistant do? Once you answer those questions, But exactly how do you begin to attract your ideal clients much less secure the first one?
I had that same question when I started and like you I had idea what to do or where to go. Luckily, after stepping out in faith I found my first paying client within a week of my initial search and thankfully, I've acquired several more since then.
I put this together to get you from thinking mode to action mode. You can do! I believe in YOU!!

Here's a peek at what's inside:
  • Two words you should include in every proposal
  • The one question you should ask and answer before everything else
  • The one thing you must address each and every time!

Who this report is NOT for:
People who hate their bosses
People who hate their jobs
People who are looking for an easy button
People who aren't willing to invest in themselves
People who have bad attitudes
Now since I know that now of those people are still reading, let me tell you who this IS for:
Someone who wants to work from home & possibly start a business
Someone not afraid of doing the work
Someone who loves people
Someone who is serious about personal growth
Someone who's not afraid to step outside of their comfort zone
If you're ready to go from employee to employee-preneur then get your report NOW!

"For The Beginning Virtual Assistant: 5 Tips To Landing Your First Paying Client"




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