WordPress for Non-Techies

Hook up your WordPress Website in 5 Minutes or Less


Dear Business Owner, Blogger and Online Marketer-

Are you tired of the ridiculous prices that web designers are charging for a websites?

You may know someone who's had a website created only to have to have a knock down, drag out fight with their web designer to get their log in information. Even worse, that person may be you! Sadly, there are to many stories like this and some have not so good endings.

Gone are the days where you're at the mercy of some geek who holds your information hostage. Where you practically have to make an appointment to talk about changes you want to make to your site.

With wordpress, you're controlling the reigns and with the push of a few buttons you can have your own customized site…it's like making a stir fry…it's done in minutes. That's the beauty of wordpress.

FREE yourself from the clutches of your web guy…

It's so flippin simple that ANY non-techie can do this and I do mean ANY!!!

You don't need to know or even understand HTML. What does HTML stand for? Who cares!  If you can follow a video and point and click then you can do this.

Some of the biggest brands online are built in wordpress. From Oprah to ebay…and if it's good enough for them then you better believe that's where you should build your website as well. Just think of all the money you'll be saving.

Now don't just sit there…Grab this video NOW!!!




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