Dear Fitness, Health and Wellness Coaches-
Have you decided to make the move over to WordPress? Fabulous! WordPress is truly designed to be hassle free. That doesn’t mean that it’s a task that you need to handle. If you’ve got time to kill then by all means…have at it. However, if your a busy entrepreneur then you don’t have time to waste handling tasks that frustrate and confuse you.
Our job is to help you get up and running in WordPress without skipping a beat. Regardless of what platform you’re currently using, all your content will be transferred to your new self hosted WordPress site and you can start making money from your blog.
Why WordPress?


Great question! WordPress is easy to manage and very flexible, which for a busy coach is exactly what you want. In addition, you may feel very comfortable using your current blogging platform however, Google looks a WordPress sites first. Some of the BIGGEST companies online are built in WordPress. See for yourself….

…just a few sites built and running in WordPress but they’re also creating ridiculous profits!
Warning: Simply putting your website into WordPress isn’t going to make your bank account explode but it is part of the puzzle and your competitors know this! So if you’re ready to make money with your blog keep reading.
You will need to have your domain name registered but if you don’t then we recommend Godaddy.

Do you have a hosting account? Great but if not, we have an affiliate link with Hostgator. They have excellent 24/7 customer service.


What you can expect
  • Installation of WordPress on your site.
  • Installation of a WordPress default theme or Thesis*.
  • Addition of up to 10 of the most recommended plugins.
  • Create your opt in form with Aweber, a highly dependable source for contact management.
  • Create a contact form so visitors can easily connect with you.
  • Create your Google analytics account so that you can track your website traffic.
  • Create a 30 minute video to walk you through your WordPress dashboard.
  • Turnaround time of 48-72 hours
*Thesis must be purchased separately. Click here to purchase.

Here’s my question to you. How much is your time worth? For the small investment of $597 you can have a WordPress website without the headache of figuring out the difference between a widget and a plugin! You do the math!

What do you need? A WordPress website
When do you need it? NOW!
No worries, we’ll get you up and running in no time at all.

With the click of the button you can have your WordPress website created totally hands off and worry free. How does that fit your schedule? Once your payment is made, we’ll contact you immediately to discuss the specifics of your order. We look forward to serving you.


WordPress A La Carte Services


Theme Installation  $49


WordPress and Theme Installation- $149


Monthly WordPress Support- $97/month

  • WordPress software updates
  • Monthly update of Plugins- update and clean up deactivated plugins
  • Monthly update of Theme(s)
  • Monthly full site backup-stored off of your server
  • Removal of Old Post Revisions
  • Monthly Broken Links Report

*Note:  Broken links will be repaired or you will receive written notification if a repair is not possible.  If updates involving more than 30 minutes are required or if further technical assistance is requested, an hourly rate of $40 will be applied.




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