Auto Responders Made Easy for Business Owners

Dear Solo-preneur, Coach, Online Business Owner-
How would you like to build your business and market your products and services to a group of people who can’t wait to get their hands on what you have?
You’d be crazy not to say “YES!”
One of the best ways that you can build trust with your clients is through an auto responder message. The thing is…all auto responders aren’t created equal. Some a fabulous and others…not so much!
If you’ve been sending out auto responder messages that barely get a pulse or a luke-warm response from the readers then it may be time to wave that magic wand. 


Auto responders that create magic will have people hitting the reply button because they think you wrote to them personally. I see it all the time and it makes me chuckle.
Use Auto Responders to:
  • Answer frequently asked questions.
  • Deliver information via auto responders that increases sales & shortens the sales cycle.
  • Build client loyalty with quick auto responder information.
  • Automate customer service.

Connect with your clients without sounding salesy, cheesy or downright annoying
Whether you sell:
Skincare products
Weight loss products
Organic Pet products
Home Decorating services
Childcare services
Consulting services
Meal Planning services
Commercial Cleaning services


you’ll need to use a series of auto responders to speak to your prospective clients in a language they understand. You’ll build trust and your likeability quotient will increase.Auto responders are not an option if you are building an online business. You can easily process over 50,000+ requests daily without any effort on your part.


5 Top Reasons To Use an Auto Responder Series
Welcome new subscribers- Every time someone gives you their email address in exchange for your free offer you immediately want to send them a welcome email.
Provide Information- Answer questions, deliver downloads and provide product information over a period of time.
Build a list- Confidently build your list with targeted people who want exactly what you have.
Automated- No manual sending needed, just set the day and time and continue to drive traffic back to your website.  
Builds a relationship- With each email you send you have the opportunity to personalize those messages with the subscribers’ name and people love to hear and see their name.

Have you every entered you name and email one a site eager to receive the enticing offer only to get a blank message? I have and you know what I do? Exit and NEVER return! I’ve already moved on. People are making this mistake everyday and it’s costing them thousands of dollars. Don’t let this be YOU!


Here’s what we will do for you:
  • Write 5 engaging auto responders related to your opt-in offer or product.
  • If necessary, do up to one re-write.
  • Deliver the final documents via Dropbox
  • Schedule the delivery of each auto responder at the best times to create top open rates.
  • Get your readers to hit reply and start talking back to YOU.
Create profits in your business while you catch up on what’s important

If you’re thinking, “Maybe I should,” please do!


I’m sure you’ll agree that this is a valuable service! Here’s what happens when you hit that sweet spot with your auto responder, you’ll have people who actually hit the reply button and “talk back” to you. They think that you wrote to them personally!
And that’s only the beginning!

Build your relationships one email…one conversation at a time

You’ll create your very own tribe of loyal customers who are ready, willing and able to happily consume anything that you produce. So if you’re ready for auto responders made easy and convert your subscribers in happy paying customers, click the button already and let’s get started.





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