WordPress Website Setup for Business Owners

WordPress Setup
Dear Business Owner,
Does the thought of setting up a WordPress blog give you a migraine?
Do you feel confused at the first step in the process?
Is it taking you more than 60 minutes to create your WordPress blog?
Would you rather do those money making activities you love?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we’ve come along right on time. We’re here with the quick solution to your problem. The fact of the matter is that you should be spending your time doing those activities that bring in the green and make you happy. In turn, we will get you a functioning WordPress website quickly so that you can get your content out to the virtual world.
You will need to have your domain name registered but if you don’t then we recommend Godaddy.
What you can expect*
  • Do you have a hosting account**? Great but if not, we have an affiliate link with Hostgator. They have excellent 24/7 customer service.
  • WordPress installation 
  • Instillation of Thesis***
  • Instillation of Scribe
  • Addition of up to 10 of the most recommended plugins.
  • Set up social buttons so that people can connect with you on social media.
  • A simple header graphic with the photo of your choice.
  • Instillation of your opt in form from Aweber, a highly dependable source for contact management.
  • Instillation of  google analytics account so that you can track your website traffic.
  • Up to 5 pages
Home Page
Blog Page
About Me Page
Contact Page
Services Page

*Also includes complimentary consultation for the set up, creation and customization of your website

**Client is required to purchase hosting package and provide Thesis and Scribe. We then upload, update, edit and create your entire site for you! You 'plug in' and begin your business! Typically the entire site with customization is done in 7-10 business days.


    Here’s my question to you. How much is your time worth?
    For the small investment of $579 you can have a WordPress website without the headache of figuring out the difference between a widget and a plugin! You do the math!
    What do you need? A WordPress website
    When do you need it? NOW!
    No worries, we’ll get you up and running in no time at all.

    Of course you may be the type that prefers to keep banging their head against the wall trying to figure this WordPress thing out, but if I'm wrong then…

    With the click of the button you can have your WordPress website created totally hands and worry free. How does that fit your schedule? Once your payment is made, you’ll contact you immediately to discuss the specifics of your order. We look forward to serving you.

    ***Additional features or customization will result in additional fees. 

    Live Joyfully,



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